At Home:  My favourite vintage decor from the 1950s

Let’s face it when I think of mid-century modern the 1950’s pop in to my head.  I get so much inspiration from this time period.  During the 1950s the economy grew beyond what we were used to.  Rooms were often bright and casual with furniture being lively.

One of my favourite designers from the period were Charles and Ray Eames, this husband and wife team are considered two of the most important designers of the 20th Century.   Many iconic modern pieces were theirs.  It was a time when new material began to define the mass produced mark with plastic, glass and even plexiglass.

The heart of the home was of course the kitchen which contained cupboards in stunning pastel colours such as aqua, pink and even turquoise.  Of course it was a time of chrome dining sets!1950s living room

1950s kitchen

Eames chair


Vintage Fashion: Learning about 1940’s Fashion

Despite the war, the 1940s fashion still allowed for clothes that were not too clingy or form fitting, it was more about the curves with skirts becoming more A line and a slightly lower neckline.

One of the stand out items of 1940s fashion was the embellishments, ruffles, piping, top stitching, gathers and pleats to name but a few!

It was oh so classic.  Just look at these…


Barbara Stanwyck 1940s catherine hepburn 1940s Ginger Rodgers 1940s

An excellent guide to styling the 1940s way Style me Vintage:


It’s summer so let’s raise a Glass:  How to make a vintage cocktail

It’s summer so let’s raise a Glass:  How to make a vintage cocktail

Refreshing and stimulating, let’s raise a glass this summer and get making vintage cocktails!



The first classic cocktail is the sweet and sour taste of the Daiquiri.  So here we go…

50ml of white rum

20ml of freshly squeezed lime juice

2 teaspoons of icing sugar

To garnish a slice of lime

Shake all the ingredients with some ice then sieve into a pre-chilled glass.



Vodka Martini

There is such an array of ways to make a vodka martini, the possibilities are endless.  Have a go and experiment.

60ml of Vodka

10ml of Vermouth


Pour over ice and garnish.  Enjoy!


No vintage cocktail would be complete without the Pina Colada – I know I can’t help but sing the song too!


50ml rum

100ml pineapple juice

25 ml coconut milk

25ml double cream

Pineapple wedge to garnish


Blend all ingredients together with some ice and serve!


This vintage cocktail book will give you more ideas – just sit back and enjoy 🙂


Ideas for a Vintage Themed Garden Party

Vintage is just so now! If you are a collector of vintage items, if you love vintage or if you just want something a little different, the good news is that you can hold a vintage themed garden party for a relatively small amount of cash.

When I think of a garden party, tea and finger sandwiches pop in to my head, and the fact I adore all things vintage china and the elegance of it just adds to the need to get out in the garden as soon as the sun shines.

Of course not everyone has a vintage china tea set or cake stand, so to help give your display a drama and vintage look check out these:

vintage tea cup trio

Royal Vale Cake Stand Vintage 1

Vintage tea party


How Rituals Can Ground You

I don’t know about you but my life really does seem to have increased in speed. There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.  Which is why I often remind myself of what Gandhi said “There is more to life than increasing its speed.”

What can often allow me to slow down and re-connect is the rituals I have built up when making tea.  The ritual of starting with watching the water boil – yes I know strange but watching water boil is just fantastic.  Through to pouring the tea in the cup and sitting down and taking some time to concentrate on the taste and the aroma through to imagining if vintage items could talk what would they say!

So that is just one of my many rituals, feel free to use it or share your own.