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August 2016

Eye on Glamourous Style: Tina Chow

While researching for my series Eye on Glamourous Style, I came across Tina Chow.  Tina was an American model, she designed jewellery and was a very influential fashion icon of the 1970s and 1980s. She modelled for Izzey Miyake,…

Vintage etiquette, vintage manners

Vintage Manners & Etiquette: Are they dead?

Not a usual topic for all things vintage but please stay with me, it will all become clear.  When researching photos for my #ThrowBackThursday Vintage Photography board and my penchant for the 1950s it got me thinking about etiquette in…

Vintage shop online UK

My Favourite Online Vintage Boutiques

Yes probably the most popular place people go to find vintage clothing is Ebay but more often than not it can be difficult to find something among the poor quality pictures and lack of detailed descriptions. Going through rails…