My new Swiss Army Knife Kitchen Gadget – Savisto Hand Blender

Review: Savisto 750 Watt 3 in 1 Hand Blender Set with Attachments

There are certainly times when I get totally fed up with large bulky kitchen items such as food processors, I like my kitchen to be neat and tidy and when I have small tasks such as blending soups or whisking a bun mixture the last thing I want is to be lifting a bulky item!  That’s where a hand blender is certainly worth investing in – a small implement ideal for blending, chopping, grinding and whisking.

The lovely people at Savisto were kind enough to give me the 750 Watt 3 in 1 Hand Blender Set with Attachments in a stunning red colour to try.

So what are the features of this little beauty:

  • Features a powerful, 750 watt motor with 5 speed settings and a turbo button
  • Attachments include a stainless steel blender, food processor and food whisk
  • Also included is an 800ml beaker for use with the blender and whisk attachments

All with a 2 Year Guarantee!




While the logical step was to test the hand blender with soup, the appeal of using the whisk was undeniable, especially since our family love to bake.

The Whisk attachment was easy to connect, it was wonderfully powerful for the bun mix and made light work of the batter!  It was easy to disconnect and fantastically the whisk can be put in the dishwasher for cleaning – a bonus in my opinion!


The Savisto’s hand blender was easily portable and this certainly delighted me – it wasn’t bulky at all. For those who have found a food processor a bulky item and cumbersome to use, then the Savisto hand blender is a must.




Overall the hand blender was extremely easy to use, it was easy to clean and is easily stored away in a kitchen drawer ready to be used again and again.  It is also extremely versatile as you can pour everything in to the large jug provided.  It is extremely good value and interestingly while it’s not the highest wattage on the market the results are still fantastic.

I would have to call this hand blender the Swiss army knife of my kitchen because of all the jobs it can do from blending, chopping, grinding and whisking!

It is certainly a great all-round hand blender, I have no doubt once you try it, you will certainly love it as much as I do.

To purchase the hand blender visit


Affordable Fashion Accessories from Lylia Rose

Lylia Rose is where you will discover on trend affordable fashion clothing and accessories; this online boutique is full of beautifully printed scarves, handbags and pretty costume jewellery.

There are times when I need a little inspiration for my outfit, while I mostly wear vintage, having a selection of on trend scarves really takes my outfit to a different level – especially during specific times of year when the weather outside is rather frightful!

To be honest, there are times when I can’t be bothered shopping in town or indeed can’t afford to buy something.  Luckily Lylia Rose offers both free delivery for orders over £20 and all accessories are at such an affordable price.

I mean what is not to like about the items I have highlighted below?  They are affordable, fashionable and a great variety is available.  I have to admit I’m in love with many of the fashion accessories on Lylia Rose – especially the scarves.  While I know we are all amazing, wearing accessories like this just nudges you up a notch!


For me accessories always help in making a statement, so enjoy a little fashion inspiration below of my favourite accessories which are sure to make you look fabulous!


Lylia Rose accessories



Lylia Rose is owned by the lovely Victoria.  Since launching her website, Victoria has gained a dedicated following, with her hard work and determination to providing on trend and affordable fashion accessories of course there was never any doubt she would be recognised for this by winning both #QueenOf and the Theo Paphitis’ #SBS award.


The contemporary and affordable fashion accessories are classic, the choice available of unique colours and bold prints allow you to make a fashion statement.  I love the Lylia Rose fashion boutique for its style and affordability.  I hope you love it too.


If you would like to make a purchase from Lylia Rose, you can get a wonderful 10% by entering ANFEELGOOD at the checkout.


Happy Shopping.


Elf x



Fudge Heaven:  Review of Granny Shaw’s Fudge Factory

Nestled near rolling hills and surrounded by beautiful countryside, Kells in County Antrim is where you will find the artisans who are Granny Shaw’s Fudge Factory.

The makers of yummy fudge of all different flavours that look so mouth-wateringly tasty you just can’t wait to try them.  The only problem you will have will be choosing one!

Granny Shaw's Fudge Selection

Granny Shaw’s Fudge Selection


I was gifted a selection of fudge by Granny Shaw’s to review.  I have to admit I do have a soft spot for fudge.

Their fudge is made on a daily basis with fresh ingredients including Irish butter.  It is this freshness that gives the fudge a fantastic taste.  My favourite has to be the chocolate and mint flavour.

The fudge is rich, sweet, creamy and just melts in your mouth – it is the perfect combination.  You just have to try it to really appreciate the glorious flavours.

The fudge is sold in 100g bars at £2.00 per bar, and to make it much easier for you, it can be ordered online here too!

Selection of Fudge

Selection of Fudge


I have to add that the fudge was a bit hit with my children; of course they loved it so much they wanted more!

Granny Shaw’s Fudge Factory have such a huge list of fudge flavours, they are even willing to consider making you a bespoke flavour – how cool is that?  It would be fantastic as wedding favours – made especially for you for your guests – it would certainly be a unique gift.

Granny Shaw’s Fudge Factory is a company that has heart and soul and they really deserve your support for their fantastic handmade fudge.  They have passion and desire to make the best fudge you could ever taste.

What makes them that little bit more special is the care and attention in using fresh ingredients and making the fudge on a daily basis.  When you order online the fudge arrives in a beautiful gift box packed with love, as well as truly scrumptious fudge!

Granny Shaw's Fudge Factory

Gift Box



Please visit their website and check out their fudge without delay.

Enjoy 🙂


Elf x


5 Tips to Work Smarter as a Creative One Woman Entrepreneur

Being a Creative One Woman Entrepreneur is rewarding as well as equally tough. When your business just comes down to you and the one pair of hands that you have, you really need to work as smart and efficient as you can.

In this article, I am going to give you 5 tips that you can implement in your business to free up your time as much as possible.

Remember that whatever tips you put into place, you need to set realistic goals from the outset. Setting goals that are not realistic are going to add to your overwhelm. They will add to your sense of dissatisfaction in not being able to achieve your daily, weekly or monthly goals.


5 Tips to Work Smarter as a Creative One Woman Entrepreneur

Plan Ahead

Start your day by knowing what you are going to be doing! At the end of each working day, I plan out what I am going to do the next day. I work out what my priorities are. I have two lists. The first is “must be done and urgent / timed deadlines” and the second is “want to do”. Set yourself no more than 3 things on that list. This will give you a sense of achievement when you complete those 3 things. If there is more time in the day and your list is complete, you can add something from your “want to do” list. Working on your business or improving some skills, doing some research, for example.

It is easy to see that putting 10 items on your “to do” list that day is going to leave you downhearted and miserable with no sense of achievement. So do be realistic! Using this method will mean that you are not wasting time when you get to your desk in the morning and you can get started straight away.



Manage Your Productivity

One of the best ways to manage your productivity is to break your task list down into manageable bite sized chunks. Set aside short time elements to focus and complete a task with a short break afterwards. A great example of this is The Pomodoro Technique. A short burst of focused task time, followed by a short rest.

Stop procrastinating and putting things off. Put the job that you hate most at the top of the list for that day and do it first! You will feel an utter sense of achievement first of all and pure relief that you did it and actually, it wasn’t so bad after all. A friend of mine refers to this as “eating the frog” so go and get those frogs eaten!


Schedule Your Social Media

This one is a no brainer! Your time will be more effective when you focus on this one task once a week. There are some great software tools out there, like Buffer and Hootsuite which allow you to schedule posts ahead on various social media platforms. You can do all your social media for the week ahead for all platforms or you can focus on one platform at a time.

If you enjoy participating in Twitter #hours, then you can schedule your participating tweets ahead of time. This leaves you free to chat and interact with other businesses when it is “real” time. One piece of advice, if you schedule ahead for #hours, make sure you actually do join in and not post and run!




Schedule Your Time

Once your social media is scheduled you can log off! Set times aside during the day when you can “check in” and respond to any interaction you get. Give yourself a set time to do this, then log off and carry on with your work. I promise you, you will feel more efficient doing it this way!

Apply this to your emails as well. Check in a few times a day and respond, then log off and move away. Allow yourself a set time to do this. Who says you have to check your emails first thing in the morning? Maybe do the tough task on your list first then check your emails.

Do not allow yourself to disappear down the “rabbit hole” of social media and email checking. Save links to read later. Facebook have this facility now for articles and posts you read, click and save. For interesting website links you can use Evernote or Pocket to save articles that you can read later. Create folders with topic names so you can find them easily.



When you are a Creative One Woman Entrepreneur, your life can become very overwhelming. So overwhelming, you feel that you are not coping very well and you are heading for burn out! If that is you, or you can feel that is happening to you, perhaps it’s time to think about getting some help.

There are businesses, like mine, who can help you do just that. People like me can take some of the workload off your plate and do it for you. It is a very scary thought, to think about trusting someone with your business but if you find the right person, working together can be an amazing success. The right person will understand you and your business.

Start with the tasks that you don’t enjoy or are not very confident with and see how someone else can help you. This can take the pressure off and give you the freedom to grow your business and bring in new ideas!



If you need help and assistance about any of the topics discussed in this article or need to investigate in hiring another “pair of hands” to help you reduce your overwhelm and help you work smarter, then feel free to get in touch with me, Imogen Allen to see if I can help.


Thank you to Ellen for giving me the opportunity as a Guest Blogger on E L Feelgood’s Vintage Boutique & Lifestyle Blog



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No Effort Halloween Costume Ideas


Did you know that Halloween has evolved from an ancient Celtic tradition which was used by the Celts to mark the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter?  It was believed the transition between autumn and winter was a bridge to the world of the dead when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts – spooky!

I have to say I absolutely adore Halloween, but probably not for the reasons you think and not for those trick or treating!  For me I love it because it is in  autumn and anyone who knows me knows how much I love autumn when the crisp leaves fall from the trees and I can walk and kick those leaves and hear the rustling under foot!  Secondly, I love the dark nights coming in and wrapping up in warm jumpers, slipper socks and lighting candles – wonderful!

What I dislike about Halloween is the dressing up if you are invited to a party.  I hate dressing up.  So in the spirit of being a lazy dresser upper I wanted to share with you my fast and easy ways to dress up if you can’t really be bothered!


The Witch

Put on your little black dress darling and add a witch hat – hey presto you are good to go!


The Scarecrow

Get those jeans out, cowboy boots and borrow your dad/granddad’s check shirt and throw in a little straw – hey presto – a scarecrow.



This really is for those who refuse to put any effort in at all.  Bring along an empty picture frame large enough to frame your face – selfie created!


Skeleton Face

You just require some black eye liner and dark eyeshadow –  apply to your face and you are done.



Probably one of the most used costumes known in the universe!  White sheet, cut out eyes put over your head and you are there!



Just like the skeleton face all you need is some black eyeliner to draw a nose and whiskers and you are purrfect!



There’s a theme going on here – again all you need is some black eyeliner and in addition a pair of black gloves!  Use the eyeliner to circle round your eyes like a mask and if you have a dark woollie hat put that on too.



All you need are your jeans, a white shirt and a cowboy hat – you are good to go – yeeha!


Let me know what other no fuss ways you have dressed up for Halloween.


Happy Halloween.


Elf x