Humans are fragile things. Having a few small things out of place in life can have a huge impact on your health. Eating too much or not getting enough sleep could make you gain weight. Or, lacking stimulation could make you get depressed or bored. This issues only get bigger when they’re applied to kids, whose needs are much more important than an adult’s. So, when you have kids, the small parts of their overall health have to be a huge concern. To help you out, this post will be going through three areas to help you ensure that your kids are as healthy as can be.


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  • FOOD

This all starts with food. Experts suggest that our overall health and fitness is mostly affected by our diets. And, this is no different for kids. Having the wrong food can make it hard for their bodies to grow. But, having too much of things could make them unhealthy in other ways. A balance has to be found here. And, usually, this balance has to be changed regularly. Thankfully, there are loads of resources on the internet to help you to make sure the whole family is eating properly. In some cases, the food that your child has at school may not be good enough. So, you may have to send them in with some food you make at home. This can save some money while making your child healthier. So, it’s a win-win.



Next, it’s time to think about exercise. Thankfully, kids digest food in a different way to adults. A child’s digestive system is best at absorbing sugars and other things that are required for growth. This changes as they get older. But, when they are young, most of the food they eat will be transferred into unbridled energy. This energy has to be used. One of the best ways to ensure your child gets regular exercise is by signing them up for sports practice at school. If your child doesn’t like this, though; you’ll have to start taking them out for walks and other activities.



Sleep is very underrated by a lot of parents. Sleep gives your body a chance to refresh itself. During this time, your body works hard to digest and metabolise your food. Along with this, it also gets other essential jobs completed during this time. Without enough sleep, a child can get very unhealthy. It will impact their education, by making it hard for them to concentrate at school. And, it could make them sick. You have to make sure you have the right bed for your child. Companies like Cuckooland offer loads of choices to help you sort this out. But, along with this, you also have to start working on a good sleep routine with your child. Once you have made this into a habit; it will be very easy to make sure they go to sleep early enough.


Hopefully, this will give you a good idea of what needs to be done to handle the smaller areas of your child’s health. A lot of parents fail to take these considerations. But, this will usually result in a negative effect on your kid; even if it’s in later life.




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I started a bedtime routine for my two boys the moment we brought them home from the hospital.  While the bedtimes have changed we all still stick, as much as possible, to the same routine.


There are times though when I wonder exactly what time the boys fall to sleep at – I mean let’s face it I know they are tired during school days from wakening up early but sometimes I wonder if my teens get enough sleep.


I read an article recently that noted experts were warning school start times work against teenagers because their body clock can be nearly three hours behind that of an adult which could lead to chronic sleep deprivation.  I’ve also read that a lack of sleep – as us mothers know all too well – can lead to many problems but in teenagers it can lead to poor school performance and depression.  So, some are recommending that school starts later especially for teenagers.


Teenagers aged between 13 and 18 are advised to sleep between eight and 10 hours but most report sleeping seven hours or less on school nights.  So, what are we parents to do?


Below are some tips which I hope help you as much as they have helped us with our boys.




We all love routine in our family and now the boys are teenagers we insist on a set bedroom time – which is different from a bed time.  It’s more of a wind down time for everyone to get ready to go to sleep.  It’s the time where people can get washed and changed, listen to music, be on the internet to catch up with friends.


Having a consistent bedtime routine is a great way to start things off and not just for teenagers, starting as early as possible is extremely important as routine is often a soothing and constant experience for children and it is the same for teenagers.  While we no longer have to bath our children, suggesting a hot shower at bed time can be a great way of relaxing them and it also helps with time management in the mornings too!




While the following recommendation will be extremely difficult it is so worthwhile.  Set an ‘internet off time’ for us that’s the time the internet goes off the boys’ devices.  This is so important as a recent international study found that teenagers are spending more than six hours a day online and this has been causing them problems with sleep among other issues.


Another reason for switching the internet and devices off is that light from them can cause your teenager’s brain to be alert affecting their ability to sleep.  Of course your teenagers will hate it but be persistent to ensure they get enough sleep.




It may seem odd but there are things you can encourage your teenager to do – or not do – to aid sleep.  These can include:

  • Ensuring they don’t drink anything with caffeine four hours before going to bed.
  • Exercise during the day.
  • Eat something with carbs in before bed such as bread/toast to aid sleep or indeed a cup of warm milk works wonders!
  • Encourage them to have a hot shower before bed.




Teenagers are under a lot of pressure during this time of their life, add to it exams and it’s a recipe for stress and being unable to sleep.  How about giving them the tools to help them relax before bed?  You can find great videos on YouTube about breathing techniques, guided visualisation or meditation.  These will help them not only to relax but will benefit them later in life too.




It’s important to be supportive of your teenager and help them with their bedtime routines and as we have an ‘internet off time’ for the boys we also have one for ourselves!  It’s important for us to be good role models for our kids and that means we have down time before bed too!



We all value sleep in our house and it certainly makes for a pleasant household when everyone has had a good night’s rest.



I hope you find these tips useful.  I would love to know what your thoughts are on setting bed times for your teenagers?


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World Book Night was celebrated by bookworms around the globe on the 23rd of April. Reading is one of life’s great pleasures, and it has many benefits. It can reduce stress. In fact, research has found that reading for as little as six minutes is enough to reduce stress by two-thirds. Reading makes you a better person too. People who read a lot are said to be nicer and smarter.


Besides, they are more empathetic and have a greater capacity for what is called ‘theory of mind.’ This is the ability to hold opinions and beliefs that are not your own. Incidentally, it was ‘the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still function’ that the American novelist and author of The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald, said was the test of a ‘first rate intelligence’.


In any case, the number of people reading is declining. In a survey of 2000 British adults, conducted by World Book Night, it was revealed that 67% would like to read more but that 48% are apparently too busy to read (incidentally,the average person in the UK finds three hours and fifty-one minutes a day to watch television). The cultural capital of reading is not lost on the British public though, with the same survey revealing that 41% of people will lie about what or how much they’re reading to impress others.

vintage style study

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If you are one of the over two-thirds of Britons who would like to read more, there are a few ways of doing it. Reading more than one book at once may seem counter-intuitive and much more difficult than just reading one book, but it has been found to make it more likely that you’ll finish at least one of your books. Also, reading is a great way to create friendships and engage with people.


Joining a book club or just deciding that you and your partner will read the same book is another great way to motivate yourself. However, one of the most important things for being able to enjoy reading is having somewhere comfortable to do it. The underground or a bus is good but your own private study is better. If you want to create the perfect atmosphere for tackling War and Peace or Infinite Jest, here are a few tips on how to create the perfect study:


  1. Pick a room with lots of natural light. South facing rooms, preferably overlooking a garden, are best.
  2. You need somewhere luxurious to sit or lie down if that’s how you like to relax. A leather chesterfield sofa is great, but so is an armchair. Also make sure that whatever you choose offers you good lumbar support. Believe or not, you can injure yourself with a book and it is not just the threat of paper cuts.
  3. Get bookcases. As Cicero said, ‘a room without books is like a body without a soul.’
  4. Fill it with your favourite artwork. It is a place to be inspired and let your creativity flow.
  5. Get a desk. With all this reading, you may just want to write a novel or play of your own. 




the perfect study



Perhaps you’re living in a property that isn’t exactly that modern or comfortable. Maybe, like many others, you’re actually considering purchasing an older, even dilapidated property with the aim of bringing it back to life. Whatever the case, it’s time to start thinking about restoring the place, turning an old and crumbling edifice into a modern home.


This isn’t a task you should underestimate. A lot of people assume that restoration will be easier, and that it will always make them a great profit when it comes to reselling the place. Here’s a quick guide to what you need to be thinking about when you restore a property.





The budget

This won’t be a cheap endeavor. It’s true that buying an older property that’s in bad shape and restoring it yourself can often work out cheaper than buying a modern home that’s already had the work done by others. But restoration, like general renovation, is going to cost you quite a lot of money. So make sure your finances are in order and that you can acquire a loan if need be. Figure out how much you can afford and create a budget for the project.





The inspection

It’s essential that you get the home properly inspected. A lot of people who take on this sort of project make the mistake of assuming they don’t need to get the property inspected. After all, they’re buying the property because it’s a bit decrepit and needs work, right? The problem here is that you need to know as much about the inner workings of the property as you can, because this will help you figure out exactly what you need to do. Let’s say you’ve got a plan for installing modern lighting. You’ve got the lighting picked out, but do you know if the electrical infrastructure can take it? Do you know for sure that there are no hazardous problems? This is why you still need a thorough inspection.


The required work

A home restoration project is basically a second job. It’s not something that (most) people do as some form of entertainment. If you’re only putting a small number of hours into it a week, or just doing the work on weekends, then it’s going to take you forever to get the job done. This is another reason why figuring out a budget is so important: if you’re looking to get this done within the next six months or so (this is usually what people aim for), then you’re going to need to put a lot of time into it – which means you may need to take a bit of time off work, or get some professional assistance in the project.




The permits

Just because you’re restoring your own property, it doesn’t mean that you’re completely cleared to do whatever you want in the eyes of the law. You still might need to get certain permits from your local council. You may even have to contend with a homeowners’ association (although, to be fair, they’re probably going to be quite grateful that someone wants to restore a house in their neighborhood!)



restore an old home



It’s so easy for the kids to just sit in front of the television, or on their devices when they get home from school. In fact, more kids than ever are avoiding exercise and sports groups in favour of their tablets.


But to ensure they grow up healthy, we need to ensure they are getting plenty of exercise in their life. In fact, parents need to encourage their kids to ensure they have a good future. However, it can be a challenge to find ways to get them exercising without having to pay out a fortune. Therefore, here are some cheap ideas for getting your kids more active.


Go out biking together

A lot of families go out biking together. After all, it’s a fun activity they can all do together. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to get your kids active without spending a small fortune, you should opt to go biking. After all, if you already have bikes at home, you can just get these out of the shed without buying new ones.


And you won’t have to force the kids to go as they enjoy heading out on their set of wheels. Head out for an hour after school, or go biking during the weekends. Plan a route and pack a picnic which you can enjoy half way through the day!



Make your own sports group

It’s easy to send your kids off to a sports group if you want to increase their exercise. But it can often be expensive; you could be looking at £5 a class for your child! And if you have more than one, it can soon add up.


Not only this but your child might be nervous joining a group of strangers. Therefore, why not make your own sports group for your kid. Invite along a couple of their friends and then arrange activities they can do to keep them fit.


For example, you could arrange a football group where they play a game at the local park. It’s free, and you will only need a ball to get them started! And if there is a few of them, you could even do competitions; you can get trophies from a website online which will make it more fun for the kids! And best of all, you are bound to get fit while you are exercising with the kids!


Take your pooch for a walk

If you have a pet dog in the family, it’s a great idea to take it for a walk. After all, it gives the pooch a chance to get some essential exercise.


But moreover, it can help your kids to stay fit too if you take the pooch for a walk altogether. After all, you will probably walk for at least 45 minutes which is a good amount of exercise for your kid. And if you are walking the dog at the weekend, you will have even longer out with the pooch.


Therefore, your child will get plenty of exercise while you are walking the dog! And if you haven’t got a dog yourself, see if a friend or neighbour needs a helping hand walking their pooch!


And remember playing in the home can also be good to get the kids some exercise. Just make sure it doesn’t involve a TV or console!



kids active