Home improvement. For so many years, it was in the realm of something your parents did that you didn’t quite understand. All you knew was that there would be a few days of disruption, the house would be covered in a fine layer of dust, and then eventually things would settle back to normal – but a bit better.




Now you’re out on your own and home maintenance and improvement is no longer a spectator sport. It’s up to you to manage the whole project, right through from envisioning what you want the end result to be, to managing companies like Poplar Home Improvements who you have brought in to assist, to clearing up when all the work is done.


The first time you engage on such a project can be – to put it mildly – messy. Messy in more ways than just the debris that is the inevitable side effect of any major work you do on your home. Rather than barrelling in, full of ideas with very little direction, keep in mind the classic ways that young people tend to go wrong when they’re in charge of a renovation for the first time.


“I know what I’m doing!”


So you’ve been on Pinterest, you’ve browsed a few forums, and now you think you have got the perfect idea of the changes you want to make. You half-listen to the advice of the people that you have hired to do the work, but your mind is working overtime on plans and ideas for what you want to happen.


Overconfidence is never a good thing, and it’s even worse when you are trying to manage a renovation or remodelling project. Take the advice of experts and always try and rein in your impulses, difficult as it might be.


Speed Over Substance


In your keenness to get the job done, return to your normal lifestyle with your improved home… it’s tempting just to go rushing in. Rather than taking the time to properly plot, budget, and then carry through the work, you just have the idea and go barrelling in.


This is particularly dangerous if your project involves anything that is potentially dangerous – and there’s a whole host of things in a house that are potentially dangerous. Even something as simple as drilling new picture holes in the walls could be disastrous if you hit a stud or – worse – an electrical cable or water pipe. It can and does happen, and almost always the reason behind it is that someone has gone too quickly into their project.


Take your time. There’s no point rushing, resulting in a substandard job that’s just going to need to be done again in a few years time.


Running Out Of Money


fixing your home


If it’s your first time putting together the budget for any kind of work on your home, then you’re probably going to massively underestimate what everything costs. Make sure that you have the funds in place before you begin, otherwise work could grind to a halt while you scramble around for the cash to finish things off. Make sure you include a contingency fund in your budgeting, too – if you don’t use it, great, but if you do need it, you’ll be incredibly glad it’s there!


Good luck – may it be the first of many successful home improvements!



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For as long as I can remember I have always had problems with my gums.  I thought spitting blood was just part of cleaning my teeth.  Even when I went to the dentist there would be blood.  It came to a head recently.  The amount of blood started to cause me concern.


The lovely people at Corsodyl asked me to try their new Ultra Clean Toothpaste, which I have been doing for 30 days now.  I wanted to give it a go to see if it made any difference to my gums.  The toothpaste has worked wonders for me.  Bleeding gums aren’t so much of a problem for me now.


Corsodyl products, including the Ultra Clean Toothpaste are formulated to help with bleeding gums.  It targets areas which have a build up of bacteria around the gum line.  The toothpaste also helps to strengthen your teech and freshen your breath.  It’s a pleasant taste in your mouth and comes in an easy to squeeze tube which stands up.


I have noticed a huge difference in the amount of blood from my gums to the point where it is nearly away completely.  I am very impressed with Corsodyl.  They are a trusted brand and have been around for years.  As well as the toothpaste you can also buy the Corsodyl Mouthwash which I also use now.  Between the two products they have worked wonders for my bleeding gums.

What Corsodyl say about Ultra Clean…

“If you’re suffering from bleeding gums, switching to a specialist toothpaste that is specifically formulated for people who spit blood when they brush can help.

With twice daily brushing, new Corsodyl Ultra Clean toothpaste is clinically proven to be four times more effective than a regular toothpaste at reducing the build-up of plaque bacteria, the main cause of bleeding gums.

Its unique formulation gives it a special therapeutic taste with fluoride to help maintain strong teeth ‘help maintain strong teeth”help maintain strong teeth’and prevent cavities, as well as sodium bicarbonate to help remove plaque and keep your mouth feeling fresh and ultra clean.”


I have to say that I am converted to using Corsodyl as my regular toothpaste.  It has proven itself to be highly effective in helping me brush my teeth without the worry of bleeding gums.




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I’ve been blogging less than a year and in that time things have moved extremely quickly.  I  wanted to share my thoughts with you as to what my future predictions are for blogging.



The Future Prediction 1

Looking at the current blogging climate, there are even more bloggers making a living from blogging full time.Taking this in to account I predict there will be even more bloggers who will take it up full time.  But I also think the term bloggers will become obsolete and be replaced with the term influencer instead – after all we are trying to influence our readers.


The Future Prediction 2

What is becoming clear is that graphics have a huge impact.  Pictures and graphics seem to impact upon people more so than long written blog posts.  It is my view that blog posts will become less than 250 words with shareable graphics that make a bigger impact than the words in the post.  You only have to look at the success of Instagram and Vine to see how much of an impact photos and videos are making.


The Future Prediction 3

Blogging is moving to be more about marketing especially niche marketing.  As such, bloggers will start to work more closely with companies.  Companies will hire less marketing people instead preferring to work with bloggers who know their readers and can offer a more holistic approach to influencing and marketing.






This post is part of Innovation Company’s study on what bloggers see as the future of blogging.  To read more about Innovation Company visit them here.




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Everyone loves a party. The drinks, the dancing, the invitations and even the posh cars that you might hire to get you to the event are all part of the fun. The best part of a party? Getting dressed up!


When you’re with your girlfriends and you’re all doing hair and make-up, you feel a real sense of bonding! One of the most exciting parts of getting ready for a big event, is finding the perfect outfit.


Whether you’re looking for an outfit for a wedding or you’re on the hunt for the perfect prom dresses, you need the perfect outfit that you can truly carry off. From top to toe, you will need hair accessories to shoes sorted and coordinated with your pretty new dress.


A modern event often means people dress for the times, but what if you chose to go vintage with your look, instead? So, how can you make your outfit pop for your evening out? What would make you stand out from the crowd?


vintage dress

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Big Accessories

Every girl loves her accessories and choosing chunky accessories to go with your dress can really make the outfit pop out of the crowd. Large fascinators like this one are a talking point and can really draw focus to the way you have styled your whole look. Opt for a corsage on the wrist – stylish and never goes out of fashion, meaning you stay vintage at the same time as keeping up with the times.


vintage accessories

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The Dress

Putting together a vintage look can be really easy. There are so many eras for you to choose from with your look, and websites like Etsy have fantastic ideas for 1920s flapper dresses if you want a truly vintage look. Drop waists and beaded dresses may not be the fashion right now, but you will stand out from the crowd in your classy attire and give people cause to follow your fashionista footsteps!


If you want to add a few decades on, why not go for a full Fifties style dress with a fitted waist and a full skirt? Giving Rita Hayworth a run for her money would be such a talking point and you will look so elegant!


vintage shoes

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Your shoes should complement your dress and come from the same era your dress is from. Skyscraper signature Louboutin’s may be the fashion right now, but they’re killer on the feet. T-bar shoes, low-heeled Mary Jane’s and Oxford’s would be the perfect choice to go with that flapper dress you’ve chosen.


Make sure the colour fits the dress and the style suits. Block heel shoes wouldn’t be the best choice for a 1950s-full waisted dress and you should be aware of the era you pick.


Going vintage for your event can be so nostalgic, especially if you choose to go vintage for prom or a high school dance. You could match how your mother dressed for her prom years before, and have the perfect photo op!



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The choices you make when it comes to upgrading your home will always depend on when you bought your house. If you’ve bought a home with original features, you’re likely going to be facing the retro look of times gone by, with terracotta tiles mixed with mint green accents – never a good look!



vintage bathroom

There are some bathrooms that never go out of style and as the bathroom is usually the last room in the house to be changed due to its size, you’re going to have fun redoing it. If you have a bathroom with clean lines, white tiling and a white bathroom suite, you’re likely to spend time just updating the additions like photos, bathroom mats and towels.


A white bathroom is always really easy to accessorise. If you’re facing a bathroom that you think is out of date, don’t give up on it just yet. The vintage look is absolutely in right now, but that does mean you have to settle for swirly patterned carpet and raspberry tiles!


There are so many ways you can update your bathroom, no matter the size of it and it’s all going to depend on what you want to see when you walk in. You don’t have to remodel the whole thing, but if you do want to pull out the bath that is against the wall and add a claw-footed tub with freestanding taps, check out the options for pipes with Drainage Superstore and get some advice on what you need! If you want to achieve a vintage look, why not check out our tips for success:


Check Your Fixtures

An older bathroom has a charm that takes you through time, but that doesn’t mean you need to keep hold of the old, leaky faucets! Sconces that are out of date are also not a good feature. Changing the faucets on your sink or bath can make a huge difference to the entire look of a bathroom and these vintage fixtures could be the perfect change. Older tiles ooze sophistication and history, so don’t start digging them off the walls if you can help it. It’s different if they’re peeling or chipping, but if you paint the cabinets and walls to make the tiles pop, you’ll do the bathroom a world of good.


vintage style tap

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Look Alive

A bathroom is used for showering and, well, toileting. But that doesn’t mean it cannot look beautiful and full of life. Add wallpaper, curtains and a pretty ceiling fixture to make the whole room stand out. Never be afraid to try out daring ideas in the bathroom. Sometimes the ideas you’d have wouldn’t suit a larger room but are perfect for a bathroom.


Embrace The Colour

A vintage, older bathroom can have pretty intense colours and the combination of those can be a little sore on the eye. If you don’t want to fully remodel the bathroom, learn to work with the colours and embrace them. Garish colours don’t have to be ugly – especially if you know how to accessorise correctly! If you accent the brighter colours with toned down towels in plain white, you can take the focus away from the brightness and add a little bit of balance.


Be Artful

Every bathroom needs a little talking point to make it feel homely. A perfectly placed piece of vintage artwork like this can make the whole room come to life, no matter how small it may be. Your bathroom can be the little room in the house but it doesn’t mean it can’t be big in décor and colour. It’s all about how you want your bathroom to feel and if your personality is splashed in the rest of the home, why not the bathroom, too?


vintage bathroom

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Beautiful Furniture

Pretty vanity units, shower screens and storage can change how a bathroom looks. Choosing shabby chic units and a squashy armchair – if you have the space – is always a great idea to make the bathroom look vintage. Adding pretty touches like silk flowers in jugs and a selection of toiletries can really make it pop.


How you choose to update your bathroom is always going to depend on how it looks to start. There are so many beautiful bathroom ideas out in the world but the best ones are those that you can come up with yourself. Home interior design is all about personality and it’s your opportunity to get creative and make something new that is different from what you find on websites like this one. Find something beautiful and make it your home.



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