I am delighted to be sharing with you my Ultimate Gift Guide for a Teenager.  I struggle when it comes to buying for teenagers so this year I thought it best to share what I have found.  Hopefully it will help you make a decision when buying gifts.

I’ve also located the best place to buy the gifts in terms of price.  So head over now and get your gift sorted.


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Image credit Pentel

Pentel EngerGel Pens

A stunning array of coloured pens from Pentel which are a force to be reckoned with in terms of quality and variety.  Ideal for making lists and writing down goals. You can get yours here.




Image credit The Makery


The Makery

What a fantastic idea The Makery is!  You can buy little kits ranging from the Knickers one to a lampshade.  Will keep ideal hands occupied for hours!



leather journal

Image credit Find Me A Gift

Find Me A Gift

A fantastic website Find Me A Gift where there are a fantastic array of gifts on offer.  For me, this leather journal is a must for writing down ideas, setting goals and making dreams.



Ariana Grande

Image Credit Superdrug


A beautiful perfume gift, Ari by Ariana Grande.  A beautiful fruity scent and in such a beautiful bottle.  Would look beautiful on any dressing table.  A great price at £22 in Superdrug.



Image credit Superdrug


The perfect gift for your hero with Gillette Mach3 Turbo Justice League limited edition gift pack. Includes Gillette Mach3 Turbo men’s razor, 2 blade refills and an exclusive virtual reality headset.  What’s not to like about this excellent gift?  Only £8.66 from Superdrug.


skin genius

Image Credit Skin Genius

Skin Care

Skin Genius make a fantastic range of skin care products ideal for teenagers.  The SkinGenius range is designed to tackle skin troubles and best of all it contains no junk!  An ideal gift to present to a teenager to help with their skincare routine.  You can buy yours here.



I hope these gifts give you some inspiration this Christmas as much as they have me 🙂


Gift ideas for a teenager. Head over to to give you some inspiration for that hard to buy for teenager!





A beautiful perfume gift, Ari by Ariana Grande


Ariana Grande

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Finding it hard to find a gift?  I’m here to help you with my Little Bit of Luxury Ultimate Christmas Gifts you need to get now!  I hope you find something a little bit different for a unique and inspiring present for your loved one or to treat yourself.



Image Credit Beefayre


Beefayre Luxury Candles & Diffussers

A stunning array of candles and diffusers made in England which use sustainably sourced ingredients made of natural ingredients where possible. There are no parabens in their products either!


Bath oil

Image Credit Olverum

Olverum Luxury Bath Oil

This has to be – hands down the best bath oil EVER!  A bold statement I know but it is the most luxurious bathing experience using Olverum. An aromatic blend of essential oils which combine to ease stress and relax tension in both mind and body, bringing you back to your complete and natural self.  Head over to their website to purchase this awesome product!

natural spa

Image credit Natural Spa Factory

Natural Spa Factory Teen Can

What a wonderful idea!  A sturdy tin packed with pampering products for young skin care lovers. Ideal for tough to buy for teens!  Head over to the Natural Spa Factory to find out more.





Image credit Quiet Rebellion

Quiet Rebellion Luxury Socks

These are such quirky socks and while they may appear serious they have a funky hidden pattern! Designed in London these are the most luxurious socks I have come across!  Head over to Quiet Rebellion to find yours!


Some unique and inspiring gifts that add that little bit of luxury. Head over to to find out where to buy them.






natural spa

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Terms & Conditions of entry

There will be one winner.

The prize is the Rock & Ruddle Hairbrush pictured above.

The prize winner will be announced within 24 hours of closing.

The prize must be claimed within 14 days.

There is no cash alternative.

All entries must be received by date/time specified above.

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So you want to get that vintage look?  If you are like me, you have a desire to add that touch of glamour in your day to day life especially in your home, then you will love some of the little decorating ideas below.


I continue to strive for that vintage charm and elegance at home to reflect my passion for all things vintage.


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Why Vintage?


For me vintage means quality, it means it was made with care and attention that mass produced cannot match.


For me it means history. Whatever the item it has been pre loved, it has been pre cherished. It is a key to the past with every item having its own history, quite often I won’t know the history of each item, but it is easy to be swept away to past times.


Vintage also means individualism. Most items are one offs or limited finds. There are so many different styles and beautiful flourishes to vintage items that our modern mass produced items just cannot come close.


If you want to create some vintage charm in your home you can do it a step at a time, it doesn’t have to be a full makeover, take your time to look at items and designs that you like also remember you can give a vintage piece a make-over too!  Whatever the item it can then become unique to you and your style.


I would recommend first of all to start small.  Instead of heading to a charity shop or looking online to purchase why not visit your parents or grandparents to see if they have anything they are looking rid of?  It doesn’t have to be a huge chunk of furniture, picture frames, knickknacks can add so much and can be a focal point.


Get that Vintage Look


Adding Advertising Memorabilia to get that Vintage Look

Why not consider adding some advertising memorabilia to your kitchen or using old tea caddy’s for your plants?

I would highly recommend you visit your local charity shops, look on Gumtree or visit car boot sales which have sprung up all around the place.  Visiting these first off would be preferable to heading to your local antique shop as the prices there may put you off!

Just because some of your items are from different time periods, don’t be put off, I suggest you make a feature of putting them together, staging these beside each other in 3’s will show them off to their full potential.


Get that Vintage Look


Mixing Old with New to Get that Vintage Look

It is sometimes difficult to add vintage items to furniture that is new.  I recommend mixing the old with the new whenever you can.  For example using different chairs for your dining table by bringing in two or three vintage ones, this can make a stuffy dining room more relaxed and casual.  You can also add some vintage cushions to a new sofa.


Adding a Splash of Colour to Get that Vintage Look

What can be a little daunting at first is colour!  We are used to seeing modern clean lines and neutral colours today in our homes – I can still remember those television programmes telling me to ditch the colour and go neutral!  Be brave and be bold by adding some colour with the array of vintage items – especially those from the 50s with their pastel shades or the 70’s and their love for all things orange! If you already have furniture but it doesn’t match then why not consider painting it?  There are now such an array of paint out there that doesn’t require any sanding – that is such a bonus.


Get that Vintage Look

Photo Credit:


So, start slowly and take it from there, one small change at a time.  I hope that this has inspired you and you will take the plunge in to adding some vintage glamour to your home, whatever you decide to do remember your home reflects you so just go for it and don’t be afraid.




Want to get that vintage look to your home? Head over to read my decorating hacks to help you achieve that vintage look without breaking the bank!



I am so proud and delighted that Lonely Plant has named Belfast and the Causeway Coast as the number one region to visit in 2018!  The guide described us as “Dynamic Belfast has put its troubled past behind it and is a city transformed”.  How cool is that?


I was born and bred in Belfast.  Considering I grew up during what is known and referred to as the Troubles, I loved Belfast then and I love it now. I am so proud at how far this wee country has come.  Below I want to share with you 5 reasons why you need to visit Belfast now.  I hope you agree with me and make your next weekend trip to Belfast.


Why you should visit Belfast


Our People

We are such a welcoming people.  Warm hearted and we will go out of our way to help you.  I can remember meeting a French tourist in Belfast.  She didn’t have much English but we managed to figure out what she needed and we walked her 2 miles to her accommodation.  Oh and of course we love a great craic!


Our Past

The  well known Belfast politician David Ervine reworded a saying by philospher George Santayana saying “Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.”  That is so true of Northern Ireland.  We should not forget our past troubles but use them to move forward and that is what has happened.  Visiting Belfast you will experience the rich history displayed by murals as well as visiting the ‘peace walls’ which still exist in Belfast.


Our Scenery

While not based in Belfast you just need to go to the wonderful UNESCO World Heritage site that is the Giant’s Causeway.  An area of 40,000 interlocking basalt columns which was a result of an ancient volcanic eruption.  It is located in the beautiful north coast of Northern Ireland.


Our Accommodation, food & shopping

There is a hotel that will suit all tastes within Belfast.   You can stay in the most bombed hotel in Europe – The Europa Hotel or you can stay at the new quirky Bullitt Hotel.

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to eating out in Belfast.  From the famous Long’s Fish and Chips which is the best kept secret in Belfast to more funky selection of food from Made in Belfast. There is something to suit all tastes and all prices!

Shopping in Belfast is also a delight.  You can take a wander along Donegall Place for the main high street stores or stroll through Victoria Square for designer wear and even take in the breathtaking views from the doom at the top of Victoria Square.


Have you been to Belfast?  Are you considering it?  I’d love to hear from you.



As someone who was born and bred in Belfast here I tell you why you need to come visit Belfast. Head over to my blog to read why!



You know I love all things vintage, that goes for sitting down with a cup of tea in my vintage china and a slice of cake on a vintage cake stand.  These are not just for your special ‘me-time’ but they are great for parties too.  So below I’ve let you know how to make a vintage cake stand.


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Want to know how to make a vintage cake stand? Head over to my blog where I show you how. You can make them for yourself or to sell.

How to make a vintage cake stand

I started to make my own vintage cake stands to compliment the vintage china I already had.  Here’s my guide to help you make your very own vintage cake stands.

What you will need to make a vintage cake stand:

  1. A selection of vintage china plates, best place to find these are your local car boot sale, charity shops or ebay.
  2. A cake stand fitting, these can be found here.
  3. A drill, I recommend purchasing a cheap drill that you use only for plates, this is the one I use.
  4. A tile drill bit, I highly recommend these ones. Do not use ordinary drill bits they just won’t cut through the china and will ruin your drill and bit!
  5. A pen.
  6. A ruler or measuring tape.


vintage plates, how to make a vintage cake stand

Vintage Plates

how to make a vintage cake stand, drill bit for drilling china plate

Drill bit for drilling china plates

how to make a vintage cake stand, cake stand fitting, making cake stand

cake stand fitting

Step 1

I like to make a two tier cake stand but of course it is entirely up to you but remember the biggest plate goes to the bottom.  Also, check your plates all over, if there is a hairline crack in any of them when you drill they will break.

Ensure your plates are clean and dry, place them upside down and with your tape measure or ruler take the diameter of the plate and mark the centre with your pen, this is where you will drill.  When I make the mark on the plate I usually measure again just to be sure.


Step 2

Safety first, so put on safety goggles.  Before drilling your plate place it somewhere it won’t slip and put something underneath, I use a mixing bowl with a old tea towel in it so the plate is nice and secure, I also place an old chopping board underneath.

Before starting to drill the hole it is important to place a drop of water on the plate, it is to keep the drill bit cold when drilling, it also keeps your drill bit in good order so you can use it again and again.  Place your drill at an angle on the plate and start drilling slowly.  Once you can feel there is a groove in the plate you can gently move the drill to an upright position and continue drilling through the plate.  It really does depend on the plate and speed of your drilling on how long it takes to drill through but to give you a guide at the beginning it will probably take about 3 minutes.


Step 3

Repeat the drilling process until you have drilled all plates.


Step 4

You will probably need to give your plates another clean.  You then attach the cake stand fittings.



You are now ready to hold a vintage tea party, enjoy 🙂  Why not visit my Etsy shop to view more vintage cake stands?



Head over to my blog post to see how easy it is to make a vintage cake stand. You can do this for yourself or to make them to sell!