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Yes I know there are many blogs and bloggers out there, some good and some bad but with a number of things in common, their desire to share what they do and what they know with anyone who is happy to read about it.  This post is all about why you should start blogging now.

As an older blogger (35+), I have become such a fan of blogging.  Blogging has brought me in to contact with some wonderful people, it has become a fulfilling past time.  Of course there are bloggers out there who have managed to obtain financial freedom, while I am not one of those; it really would be lovely to blog full time in the comfort of your own home, to be your own boss and to set your own tasks.

I wanted to share with you why I believe you should start blogging today!


  1. You become part of a community

There is no doubt that blogging and bloggers is a whole new community, you will meet some wonderful inspiring people along the way who are willing to share their knowledge with you and help you out when you need it.  They follow you, read your posts and promote your writing to their readers too.  This sense of being part of a worldwide community is astounding.


why you should blog

  1. It helps you find your voice

Blogging allows you to get your voice heard.  It gives you the opportunity to put your opinions out there and meet like minded individuals.  This can have a positive impact on your confidence but remember for those who respect your opinion or who love your writing, there will be those who don’t but blogging helps you deal with criticism in a constructive way.


why you should be blogging


  1. It can help promote your business

Blogging is an excellent way to highlight your business and the processes involved.  For example I use www.elfeelgoodsvintage.uk to share my love of all things vintage via my Etsy Store .  It brings you closer to your customers.


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  1. It can make you money

There are many ways to make money from blogging from just a few pounds a month to some bloggers making thousands per month!  The idea is to grow your audience and start working on affiliate marketing.


  1. You can get stuff for free

Yes you can get many items for free when you have a blog if you write product reviews.  The past 6 months I have been given fudge, tea, preserve, a toaster and a hand blender!



  1. You don’t need to be a techie

Setting up a blog is straightforward, read my simple 5 step guide to setting up a blog, you could set one up in just a few minutes and be writing before the day is out.  I am not a technical person and I have set up two blogs.


  1. It is relatively cheap to blog

To allow you to earn from affiliate marketing I highly recommend going with TSO host for your blog which will cost you approximately £2.99 per month for web hosting and around £7-£10 for your domain name.  This is a low cost option which will pay dividends once you set up your affiliate marketing.


  1. Blogging helps you prioritise & set goals

Blogging has helped me prioritise my tasks and workload not just for blogging but in other aspects of my life from my day job to home life.  I am very grateful that blogging has helped me – to be honest I was starting to get rather lazy and wondering where my day went when a huge portion of it was spent in front of the TV!


why you should blog

  1. Blogging is rewarding

Blogging makes me happy because it is so rewarding when you start with an idea for a blog post, you research, write and then you post and promote to your audience.  It is a great feeling of accomplishment!



  1. Blogging can change lives

This may sound rather dramatic but I have read blogs that have been really inspiring and it amazes me that people are so willing to share so much when they write.  Blogs do change lives and sharing your experience can also have a positive impact upon others.


Go create something awesome by starting a blog today and head over to my 5 Easy Steps to Starting a Blog now!



I've listed 10 reasons why I think you should start a blog now. Head over to www.elfeelgoodsvintage.uk to read the full post and get blogging today!

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