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I felt the need to start writing this series which I have called The Secrets to Successful Blogging Revealed to share with you the knowledge I have acquired up to this point in my blogging journey.


A word of caution though, I’m not a big successful blogger and I don’t make millions or thousands blogging.  Also, I don’t know everything and never will – for me each day is a learning day.


So why am I writing this?  Well what I am able to offer and share with you is the information I have come across over the course of starting this blogging journey.


This blog post is about one of the ways you can monetize your blog – sponsored posts.


What is a Sponsored Post?

In a straightforward term, a sponsored post is when a blogger is paid to publish an article which includes a link to a particular company or product.  Notice I say that the sponsored post is paid?  Well, this can be a fee or products in lieu of a fee but more about this later.


Is there such a thing as a free sponsored post?

Well I suppose technically you could say if you receive products in lieu of a fee then the sponsored post is free but it really depends on what you are looking for.  Let’s face it if you are asked to review a product which costs £1.99 would it be valuing your time to test the product, write up a view and include a link to the product?  Remember, each post requires your time and if the post includes a link you are benefiting that company.  It really does depend on where you are in the journey of your blog as you may want to offer some sponsored content for free.  Head over to The Bloglancer, where the lovely Jenna discusses why she thinks there are times bloggers should work for free.

Please remember that a Guest Post is not a sponsored post.  While it can be beneficial to accept and write guest posts please be wary of receiving emails offering to guest post as these are often from people trying to get a free link!


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Where do I get sponsored posts?

There are a number of ways to get a sponsored post.  The most useful places I have found are:


Bloggers Required:  A place to register your blog.  You will receive weekly emails letting you know which companies are looking to work with bloggers.  There are a few paid assignments but it’s mostly writing a blog post in return for a product.


The Bloglancer:  Sign up to Jeanna’s email list and each Sunday she will send you an email highlighting all the companies who are looking for sponsored posts.


Facebook Groups:  There are a few Facebook Groups where Public Relations companies will post seeking bloggers.  Check out UK Blogger Opportunities,  Blogger Assignments and Opportunities,


Twitter:  Another great place to find sponsored posts is on Twitter by searching for specific hastags.  The ones most used are #bloggerswanted, #bloggersrequired, #bloggerrequest, #prrequest


What should I charge for sponsored posts?

This is tricky but the rule of thumb is to charge your Domain Authority x 4.  However, you need to take in to account your analytics, traffic to your site, Twitter reach as well as all other social media platforms.  Many people will argue as to what you should be charging but sometimes it is often down to what budget a company has and whether you are willing to accept it.


Thinking of setting up a blog?  Head over to my post 5 Easy Steps to Set Up a Blog to read all about it.



Want to know how to get sponsored posts for your blog? Follow my easy steps and head over to www.elfeelgoodsvintage.uk to read how.





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