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In a previous post My Tips to Help you Find More Time in your Day  I talked about how much time we can spend on things such as social media without even realising it.  In this post I wanted to share with you how I use my phone timer to help me manage my time.


Below are some of the times I use it for.  To be honest you can use it for a lot more but these are just a few I’ve practiced.


  • I often decide how long I want to spend on social media.  This is either checking my Facebook or Twitter.  I then set the timer on my phone for a specific period – this is normally 15 minutes.  When time is up I stop and get on with my next task.  It’s easy to do this throughout the day especially if you are like me and want  to check your social media at regular intervals.


  • There are times when I often put off doing tasks.  Recently I have decided to set myself a target of doing the task for a minimum of 20 minutes.  I mean 20 minutes is not long.  I just remind myself that it’s just for 20 minutes.  I can’t believe how much I can get done in that time.  Some tasks now get done with no problem!


  • I hate exercising so I’ve started using the timer on my phone to help me exercise.  I do 5 minutes 6 times a day. This soon adds up over the day and week.  I use my timer to set a reminder and then use it again to time myself.  In no time at all I’ve done 30 minutes of exercises!


  • There are times when I’m in the middle of something and my son would ask for help.  I usually say in a minute.  Sometimes that can turn in to 15!  If this happens I set the alarm on my phone for 5 minutes so that I can then stop and give my full attention to my son.


  • With my new cleaning scheduled I have started to set my alarm for 15 minutes to clean a particular room.  It is amazing how much I can get done in that time.



Can you think of any other ways to use your phone timer to help you manage time?



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