summer on a budget
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Summer can be a stressful time for families, especially when school is out.  As hard as we might try, our budget is often stretched during the summer as we try to keep our boys entertained.  So, I’ve been trying to research what we can do with the boys over the long summer months here in Northern Ireland.  We have 8 weeks holiday in Northern Ireland compared to the English holidays which are six.


I thought I would share some of the activities we plan to do that won’t break the bank!


Going to a museum

Most museums are free and you can spend hours looking round all the exhibits.  For us the largest is the Ulster Museum and to have a mummy in the exhibits always excites me!  We have been a few times before but they often have new exhibits which keeps it fresh for the boys.  Oh, and not to mention a great coffee shop to sit down for a cuppa and some cake!


Going for a picnic

Going out with the boys can be expensive especially purchasing something to eat.  Now that they are teenagers, a child’s portion won’t do!  Having a picnic is a great alternative.  Of course, it really does depend on the weather but if you plan it will make for a great day out.  We love eating outdoors – how come food is much tastier in the great outdoors?


Go on an adventure

There are so many places close to where we live that we haven’t been.  I’m sure there are some in your area too.  Why not go and explore?  Indeed, leave the car behind and go on public transport and see where you end up.  Our regional bus and train service do fantastic deals over the summer for families.  I’m sure those local to you do too.  Go explore!


Learn something new

I have recently taken up sewing.  There is so much help to be found on the internet that can help you with developing a new skill.  It has been great getting ‘lessons’ for free to enable me to learn how to make things.  I’m hoping that I can convince my boys to think of something they would like to learn and use the internet to develop it.  I will keep you posted if this one works!


Don’t let being on a budget stop you and your family having fun this summer.  Also, check your local listings to see what other things are free to do this summer.




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summer on a budget




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