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We’re usually pretty good at taking care of the significant details that affect the look and feel of our homes, such as the colour of the paint, furniture, and so on. However, you shouldn’t think that your work is finished once these aspects have been taken care of: to give your home the ‘wow’ factor, you’ll need to take your home to the next level by thinking about the details that most people forget about. Incorporate the tips we’ve outlined below, and you’ll have a home that’s the envy of the neighbourhood.


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Tone the Room With Curtains


Because they’re seldom the first – or even second or third – thing that the eyes are drawn to when entering a room, people put less thought into their curtains than they ought to. Either that or people don’t fully understand what they should be using curtains for! They’re more than just keeping the light out and protecting your privacy; they actively contribute to the decor and feel of the room, in a bigger way than you might realise. Opt for a high-quality set, in a colour that compliments the walls.


The Spaces Between


The centre of a room gets a lot of love and attention, but what about the spaces that exist in between? Two important details that many homeowners fail to consider are the doors and the ceilings, two aspects which can add another touch of quality to the interior design. If your doors are currently purely functional, take a look at the selection on offer at George Hill Timber and find a door that complements your interior design; the added effect will be subtle, but powerful. With your ceiling, it can be as simple as just painting it a slightly different shade of the colour of the walls. You won’t fully understand why your eyes prefer the room afterwards, but the important thing is that they will!


A Collection Theme


Your home will be full of little decoration pieces that liven up your rooms and allow you to give a little piece of your personality to your home. Instead of selecting any random piece that you think looks good, however, choose a theme for your decorative touches. For example, you could choose Chinese inspired artwork, brass fixtures, or paintings. You don’t need to go overboard; just a few pieces spread throughout the house that unifies the rooms.


Room “Temperature”

Most people know just how important lighting is to their home, but this is just one aspect of a much bigger, more important part of the room: the “temperature”. By that, we don’t mean how hot or cold a room is (though that’s also important), but the emotions that are invoked by your lighting and colour choices. A room with a blue or grey tint, for example, could be perceived as being cold or unwelcoming. Deep reds would be cosy, white clean and minimal. So don’t just focus on the colour of each piece of furniture, light fixture, etc.; see how they work together and what colour they create.


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