At Home: My favourite vintage decor from the 1950s

At Home:  My favourite vintage decor from the 1950s
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Let’s face it when I think of mid-century modern the 1950’s pop in to my head.  I get so much inspiration from this time period.  During the 1950s the economy grew beyond what we were used to.  Rooms were often bright and casual with furniture being lively.

One of my favourite designers from the period were Charles and Ray Eames, this husband and wife team are considered two of the most important designers of the 20th Century.   Many iconic modern pieces were theirs.  It was a time when new material began to define the mass produced mark with plastic, glass and even plexiglass.

The heart of the home was of course the kitchen which contained cupboards in stunning pastel colours such as aqua, pink and even turquoise.  Of course it was a time of chrome dining sets!1950s living room

1950s kitchen

Eames chair


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