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Who doesn’t love the vintage style? It’s the trend that seems to go on and on! However, buying genuine vintage items and vintage style handmade crafts isn’t always cheap, as such things are now so popular that they often come with a premium price tag attached. Luckily, there is a way you can vintage up your home without having to spend your life savings, and that is to create vintage looking pieces yourself. Read on to find out how.


Vintage Tea Cup Candles


Vintage teacup candles are an adorable craft that you can DIY in a single afternoon. Of course, it does mean you have to head out to the charity shop beforehand to find some vintage cups and saucers. Oh no! 😉 The good thing is that for these candles you will need singles of all different sizes, which are usually way cheaper to buy than full sets.


Once you have your cups and saucers at home, give them a thorough wash and leave to dry. Then it’s time to get on with making the candles. To make things easier, you can buy a kit which comes with everything you need. Although, don’t feel you have to as they are pretty simple to do from scratch too.


vintage tea cups


First, you will need to collect your resources, you will need wax, a wick, a wooden BBQ skewer, a glass bowl, and some paper to put over your work surface to protect it. For the wax, you can use the end of old candles or by some specifically for the job. Paraffin wax works well, although soy and beeswax are less toxic.

Tie the wick to the middle of the BBQ skewer. Then place it in the clean, dry tea cup at the bottom. You want the skewer to rest on the top of the cup and keep the wick upright as the candle sets. Then break up the wax and add the wax to a double boiler, that is a glass bowl over a pan of hot water. Allow the wax to melt and add colours and scents of your choice. Most folks use essential oils to scent their candles as they release their fragrance as the wax warms when the candle is burning.  Mix thoroughly and then carefully pour into your vintage tea cup, leaving it to set overnight. It’s that simple!




Vintage Boho Dream Catchers


For something with a vintage boho look why not make a pretty dream catcher or two? Luckily, these are super easy to make and then can really give a room a lift.


To start with, again, collect the materials and tools you will need. These include a wooden ring, a crochet doily, string or wool, and anything else you wish to use to decorate the project. Feathers, charms, small wooden letters and ribbon work well.


table cloth


Start with the ring, and take your doily, these are pretty easy to pick up in charity shops, or you can make your own by following the instructions here. You need to suspend the doily inside the ring so use the string to tie it on at equal points around the circle. Add a dab of hot glue on the back when you have the position right to keep it fixed.


Then create a hanging loop from string, ribbon, or yarn that you fix at the top centre of the ring. This will allow you to hang your vintage style dream catcher when it’s complete.


The next step is to add some string to the bottom of varying lengths. You can use ribbon, actual string, or yarn for this depending on the look that you want. You should also add things to the bottom of the strings like feathers and charms, giving it that boho feel.


Then it’s down to the really fun bit, where you can take your embellishments and add them whenever you want. If you can use a cordless glue gun for this. Like the one from Glue Guns Direct, as it can be a bit of a fiddly job getting right in there without getting the glue on anything else. Feel free to follow your own designs or add charms or letters along the side of the wooden ring. Leave it to dry overnight and then hand you creation with pride.


Vintage Style Bunting You Don’t Have To Sew!


shabby chic bunting


Lastly, a great vintage touch to any room or even outside for a garden party is bunting. You can, of course, buy this ready made, although the good stuff is expensive. You can also have a go at sewing it yourself, but if you are after the vintage look without being vintage yourself before you finish, why not follow this quick and easy guide instead?


The trick here is to use that iron on hem stuff called fusible webbing! It works like this:


First, chose some ribbon for the garland to be placed along. Grosgrain is often a good choice as it’s hardy and it gives that rustic vintage look.


Then pick out some fabric that you want to create your flags or shapes from. Here you can use scraps of vintage fabric, vintage style fabric or anything else you like really. Remember you can often buy packs of fabric for quilting that include small pieces of complimentary, but different designs which is great for this sort of activity.


Next, it’s time to make a stencil for your flags. Use a piece of thin card and draw out a triangle. Then cut it out and place over and pin to your piece of fabric. Use this as a template to cut around, and repeat until you have enough to fill your garland.


Then next step is to rough out where each flag will go. Make sure that you have the same distance between each one or things with look weird.


Then start fixing the flags to the ribbon with the fusible webbing. Just apply this to the top edge of the flag, place over the ribbon, fold over and iron on. You flags should then be secure and use some scissors to neaten up any rough or overlapping edges.


Continue this all the way along the ribbon until you have not more flags and there you have it. Your very own no sew vintage style bunting. Ready to hang wherever you see fit.


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vintage decor ideas
These simple tips can help you achieve a vintage look in your home. Featuring handmade vintage tea cup candles, shabby chic bunting to name but a few. Head over to my blog to read more.

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