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Home improvement. For so many years, it was in the realm of something your parents did that you didn’t quite understand. All you knew was that there would be a few days of disruption, the house would be covered in a fine layer of dust, and then eventually things would settle back to normal – but a bit better.




Now you’re out on your own and home maintenance and improvement is no longer a spectator sport. It’s up to you to manage the whole project, right through from envisioning what you want the end result to be, to managing companies like Poplar Home Improvements who you have brought in to assist, to clearing up when all the work is done.


The first time you engage on such a project can be – to put it mildly – messy. Messy in more ways than just the debris that is the inevitable side effect of any major work you do on your home. Rather than barrelling in, full of ideas with very little direction, keep in mind the classic ways that young people tend to go wrong when they’re in charge of a renovation for the first time.


“I know what I’m doing!”


So you’ve been on Pinterest, you’ve browsed a few forums, and now you think you have got the perfect idea of the changes you want to make. You half-listen to the advice of the people that you have hired to do the work, but your mind is working overtime on plans and ideas for what you want to happen.


Overconfidence is never a good thing, and it’s even worse when you are trying to manage a renovation or remodelling project. Take the advice of experts and always try and rein in your impulses, difficult as it might be.


Speed Over Substance


In your keenness to get the job done, return to your normal lifestyle with your improved home… it’s tempting just to go rushing in. Rather than taking the time to properly plot, budget, and then carry through the work, you just have the idea and go barrelling in.


This is particularly dangerous if your project involves anything that is potentially dangerous – and there’s a whole host of things in a house that are potentially dangerous. Even something as simple as drilling new picture holes in the walls could be disastrous if you hit a stud or – worse – an electrical cable or water pipe. It can and does happen, and almost always the reason behind it is that someone has gone too quickly into their project.


Take your time. There’s no point rushing, resulting in a substandard job that’s just going to need to be done again in a few years time.


Running Out Of Money


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If it’s your first time putting together the budget for any kind of work on your home, then you’re probably going to massively underestimate what everything costs. Make sure that you have the funds in place before you begin, otherwise work could grind to a halt while you scramble around for the cash to finish things off. Make sure you include a contingency fund in your budgeting, too – if you don’t use it, great, but if you do need it, you’ll be incredibly glad it’s there!


Good luck – may it be the first of many successful home improvements!



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