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When it comes to the summer (usually just a two-week heat wave followed by rain in the UK), we want to get out into our garden and enjoy the balmy nights as much as we can. However, lighting goes a long way towards making your garden more atmospheric and generally a nicer place to be. Here are the top lighting trends for this summer, and how you can incorporate them into your own space.


Fairy lights

Fairy lights are perfect in a garden, as they emit a nice warm glow rather than a harsh bright light. They’re also incredibly versatile – they can be wrapped around trees, draped along your fence or strung across an open area.

Natural influences

To make your lighting blend naturally into the garden, go for pieces that have a natural finish – wooden lanterns and so on. They will blend naturally into the landscape for an earthy look.

Using lights as focal point

You can use lighting as a way to bring attention to the focal points of your garden; trees, rockery or even your home. Using lighting on the focal points will bring your garden together seamlessly.


Lanterns aren’t only a source of light; they also make a fantastic decorating feature. They come in many different styles – you can light them with tea lights, with full sized candles or even artificially with LED lights. They look good as a centrepiece on outdoor tables, or strung up on fences.

Rope lights to highlight borders

The borders of your garden can sometimes be overlooked by other features like flowers and plants. However, you can highlight these neglected areas with LED rope lighting, which is surprisingly affordable, yet effective. You can even use this lighting for your pathways.

Statement lighting

Chandeliers, pendant lighting and other statement pieces are no longer just for indoors. Lately, we’ve seen an increase in the number of outdoor chandeliers that will transform any outdoor space into a sophisticated environment.

Solar lights

Solar lights are yet another affordable way to bring lighting to your garden. They’re energy efficient, simple to install and often pretty weatherproof. It’s usually trial and error with solar lights, so try a variety of brands until you find a reliable one.

Ground lights

Ground lighting isn’t just good for ambience in your garden, it’s also important for safety. Use rope lights to define pathways, and downlights on features. If you have decking, recessed decking lights are safe, weatherproof and also very effective.


Shadow lighting

If you have an interesting statue in your garden, why not use lighting to highlight it? Use a spotlight pointing upwards to achieve this, and you will cast a shadow on to your fence or home. This also works for plants and trees.



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