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Out of all of the rooms in your home, your bedroom should be the space that best reflects you and your character. It’s the most personal room after all! So if you’re into vintage aesthetics, you should make sure that your room exemplifies this. One main issue that people have with creating a vintage look in their bedroom is that they want to avoid making their rooms look simply old fashioned or outdated. So here’s a quick guide to creating a modern space with a vintage vibe.


vintage look




Lighting makes all the difference to the atmosphere of a room. You need to consider both the style of the fitting and the quality and tone of light that it gives out. Avoid extremely modern and sleek fittings like spotlights. Instead, opt for pendant fixtures and quaint little lamps. You will be able to find so many beautiful true vintage or antique lamps at car boot sales, vintage furniture fairs and online. Alternatively, you can choose brand new items with a vintage design. These will be easier to get your hands on but lack the unique quality of genuine vintage goods. When it comes to the bulbs, try to find something with a softer, warmer glow. Avoid blue tones. Manufacturers have actually started making vintage style light bulbs, so keep an eye out for these in your local hardware store or home store.




You should have minimal furniture in your room so that your space doesn’t look too overwhelming. But the items of furniture that you do have should be statement pieces. Go all out. This might be a four poster bed or a chic chaise longue. Again, check out vintage furniture fairs. These are affordable and you will be able to find some real gems. Bedside tables, cabinets, bookshelves. You name it, there will be something there to suit your needs and your living space perfectly.




Accessories are the subtle items that will make all of the difference to the overall look of your room. Choose them wisely. A good place to start is bedding. Depending on the era you are trying to emulate, designs will be different. For fifties country, you might consider soft gingham check bedding. For the sixties feel, bold and bright prints and patterns. Seventies summer of love? Silky fabrics in bright oranges, reds and dark browns. Regardless of the bedding, make sure that you still have luxury mattresses to keep things soft and cozy. Extreme comfort is definitely one of the perks of modern day life.


vintage vinyl


Wall Art


Search online for vintage posters or vintage reproduction posters. These will add a cute vintage touch to your room and will also give people an idea of your interests. The poster could be for a favorite band or a preferred film. Have posters framed to avoid making your room look like a teenage den. You can also get frames that perfectly fit an LP record. So frame your all time favorite record or piece of album art too!



vintage bedroom

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