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There are times when someone comes up with an invention and you wonder how on earth this was not made sooner! The Illumibowl Toilet Night Light is one such invention.  How on earth have we survived for so long without it?


IllumiBowl is the world’s first toilet bowl night light invented to help people use the bathroom at night without having to put the bright bathroom light on and wake the whole house up.  The IllumiBowl is motion-activated and colour changing toilet night light – I mean what kids or big kid wouldn’t want to experience this?


The Illumibowl is a simple straightforward design that fits any toilet and is extremely easy to use.  The cycle through of colours is beautiful and mesmorising to watch!





Using the Illumibowl

We live in a bungalow so the option for putting on the light in the bathroom during the night which is attached to a noisy extractor fan is not an option for any of us.  I can often stagger in during the night and catch my toe on something.  As for my children – well it’s often hit or miss to be honest!

Well not anymore with the Illumibowl toilet night light.

To be honest, I was so excited to try it I have to admit to waking myself up at 2am to go to the bathroom!  The motion sensor worked a treat and the light guided me easily to the toilet.  The boys seem to have made good use of it too.



I know my kids love it but I have to admit to loving it too and what’s not to love about having a disco inside your toilet!  It gives me no end of amusement and at the same time providing a function that allows anyone in the house to visit the toilet during the night without having to put on the blinding bathroom light or noisy extractor fan.


I urge you to give it a go, head over to now to make your purchase of the Illumibowl Toilet Night Light.  Be quick as my readers will get a 25% discount off your purchase until the 6th May using code VINTAGE!


I’m also giving 3 lucky winners a chance to win an Illumibowl toilet night light.  Just enter below.


Elf x







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