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Hello my dear readers 🙂

I wanted to give this post over to you.  As we come up to the holiday season there is a lot of pressure on us all to have the ‘perfect’ family Christmas – just like in the movies.  I gave up a long time ago trying to achieve this because I knew it would never happen.

Instead my family Christmas is simple and hassle free.  First we try and purchase all our Christmas presents before 1st December, that way we don’t have to worry about a last minute dash to the shops or get crushed in the stampede for the shops in December.

We decorate the Christmas tree as a family with an emphasis on lights and candles to make our home warm and cozy during these cold nights.  This is normally done in the second week of December but of course the advent calendar is up on 1st!

On Christmas Day we have a lovely Christmas dinner but I don’t put any pressure on myself for it to be perfect, just a little bit more special than the normal Sunday roast.  As with all dinner times we love sitting around the table and chatting but at Christmas time it lasts a bit longer 🙂

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas in our house without everyone eating too much and of course sitting down to watch the family movie and giving time over to baking gingerbread!

We don’t normally visit family on Christmas Day, instead taking the time to spend it at home with our boys, although we do telephone family to wish them a Happy Christmas, this also saves on us getting stressed travelling.

So what are your family traditions?  What do you do to ensure you are not stressed at Christmas time?  I would love to hear from you.

Elf x

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