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If you were to walk into your living room, kitchen, dining room and bedroom, you would probably get a warm, fuzzy feeling you know that homely feeling where you can sit down and relax and know you have given your all to making the rooms feel and look the way you want.

You have probably spent ages deciding on the right kitchen, the right sofa or the write table and chairs.  When it comes to bathrooms our inspiration often runs out at this point.  I know that is what happened to me recently.

After spending so much time choosing a kitchen and getting walls knocked down I couldn’t face the bathroom.  That is until now!  I’ve decided to take head on and get our bathroom completed.

The main problem we have is space.  Our bathroom is relatively small so I need the fixtures and fittings to fit within that space and to have storage.  I’m so fed up with wasted space in the bathroom.



bathroom makeover


I want to share with you some tips on how to transform your bathroom and add some storage space as well as the right fixtures and fittings.



Do Away With The Conventional Bath

There is no rule saying you need to stick to the same old same old.  I recently came across some fantastic roll top baths at fantastic prices at Victoria Plum.  I am so wanting to have a bath that I can be proud off, that I can sit and soak in for hours after a hard day at work.  I know we have limited space but I was hoping to put a free standing bath in and utilize the area around it more effectively.


Storage Solutions

You’ll be gobsmacked by how much you can stuff under a sink!  I am so wanting to get a vanity unit.  They are so practical, otherwise the space under the sink would be useless.  I can remember they used to do those awful rails under sinks but now, just look how gorgeous vanity units are.


bathroom makeover


Add a splash of colour

There are certain things that every bathroom needs to have – bath, towel rails, faucets and tiles – but these things don’t need to be boring. Add a splash of colour to your bathroom with a selection of colourful tiles.  You can put them on the walls, on the floor or both.  I’ve come across some lovely vintage looking tiles recently that will really make our bathroom unique.  


Candles and greenery are essential

If there is one thing every bathroom needs it is candles and some greenery.  No matter what your favourite candle is make sure you position some in the bathroom.  Ferns are also great for your bathroom as they like humid conditions.  In fact when I get fed up with the bathroom I often add some plants and some new towels to give it a fresh feel.

I do hope you have found these tips helpful to add a touch of character to your bathroom.  I really can’t wait to get stuck in.  The bathroom is just as important as the kitchen.  For right now but also if you every decide to move home.



Need to add a touch of character to your bathroom. This post highlights some easy ways to change the decor of your bathroom.

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