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I love treats, but sometimes the treat becomes a habit and before you know it, you are spending hundreds each year!  So I wanted to share with you some of the bad habits that we can get in to without realising it.  By pointing these out you can then decide if you want to stop and start saving the money.  I can assure you your budget will thank you for it!


Coffee Shops

It is so easy to nip in to a coffee shop on the way to work or during your lunch hour.  Even more so during the summer when the offering is even more delicious with smoothies!  But did you know that if you are buying a coffee at £2.50 each day, over the year it would add up to £650!  Now that’s a tidy sum to be saving.  Why not purchase an insulted coffee mug and brew your own coffee at home?  There are so many beautiful blends out there you may find one that is nicer than your regular coffee shop one too!


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You know the song goes, 57 Channels (And Nothin’ On)?  Well it is more like 200 channels and often there is nothing on!  Many of my friends pay for TV packages that they don’t watch.  Why not spend some time writing down which channels you do watch and then see who has a better deal on specific packages.  If you don’t often watch TV, consider ditching it altogether and using your computer, that way you could also save on the TV licences.  But make sure you check out the legal requirements of ditching your TV licence first.


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I still have friends who pay for gym membership and rarely go.  Don’t waste your money on something you don’t use.  Cancel it immediately and download some of the free apps if need a little motivation to get fit.  You can also download the likes of from Couch to  5K and within a few months you will be running!  If you are the type of person who needs the gym to motivate you, there are many pay as you go memberships which could work out much cheaper.


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Mobile Phone

Are you on the right contract?  Track how you use your phone and how much data you use over a month.  You may find it cheaper to switch to a sim only deal.  Check out the great offers on Go Compare  to compare your current deal.  There is the potential to save hundreds on your mobile phone bill.


spending habits



Your Wedding

If you are planning your wedding, you can save money there too.  Ways to save money on your wedding is really easy and this post details 50 ways to do it!


wedding photography


Reducing your credit & debt repayments


One way of speeding up and cutting the interest on any credit card debt or loan is to consolidate the various balances you are carrying on different loans and cards.  You can often get a lower interest rate too which will save you money over time.  It will also make it easier to handle one payment too.  Have a read at your options over at Cash Lady where there are some great blog posts on the options available for you.


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Do you have any other suggestions that could save money?  I’d love to hear from you.  If you’d like to know how you can save money with Baking Soda head over to read more.




These super easy money saving hacks will have you reducing your outgoings in no time at all. #moneysaving #saving #bills


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