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Did you know that you can get cash back for shopping online?  Whether you are shopping for Christmas or doing your weekly shop, with all your shopping online you could get cash back which is why I definiely recommend using both Quidco and TopCashBack.  They are both well know free websites which pay you for shopping online!



It is my mission to ensure everyone knows about earning cashback.  If you are like me you do a lot of your shopping online anyway not least because of the convenience and the ease of using discount codes online then you will also want to know about how easy it is earning cashback.  I just love earning cashback and below I show you how you can too!


Cashback websites have become very popular and I can see why – who wouldn’t like to earn extra cash when you would be shopping online anyway?


While there are many sites out there, there are two which I have used for years and highly recommend.  These are TopCashBack and Quidco.


How do cashback websites work

The websites pay you when you click through their site to go to retailers and buy products.  This can be anything from fashion, beauty right through to a financial product such as car insurance.


The sign up process is very straightforward and is completely free.  If you come across a site asking you to pay – step away from it – it could be a scam!


Once you sign up you simply login and search for the retailer you want to shop with, if it’s listed then click on the link which will take you to the retailer.  Your visit to the retailer will be tracked through this affiliate link and you will be paid once the purchase has been confirmed.


You can withdraw your cashback once it has been confirmed.  You can request it to be paid in to your bank or your PayPal account.  Another bonus with TopCashBack is that you can swap your cash for Amazon or Tesco Clubcard points.  Especially useful if you are saving up for a specific purchase at these online retailers.


Another fantastic cashback provider is Quidco.  Again the basic membership is free and their payment system is similar in that you can request payment to your PayPal account or to your bank account.


In order to maximise your cashback I recommend you register with both sites and when you plan to shop online check both to see which provider is offering you the best cashback option – sometimes they offer different deals which is great.  Recently I managed to get 10% cashback from a purchase I made from Superdrug.


I highly recommend you sign up without further delay and start earning cashback – it is such an easy process.


Visit TopCashBack or Quidco now and start earning today.


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Do you shop online?  Well don't do it until you sign up to these cash back websites.  Head over to to read the full post.



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