So, what is snoring?


Well my husband would say that is doesn’t matter what it is, the fact my snoring keeps him up at times can be very frustrating!  He is right though.  Snoring is the sound of resistance in your upper airway which comes from behind your tongue.  I used to think it came from the nose but no, it’s the throat.


During sleep the muscles in your throat relax and start to restrict your airway, this is when the air has little space to escape so it makes a reverberating sound.  This is snoring.


What can be done about it?

As snoring occurs when the soft tissue at the back of your throat relaxes and reduces the size of the area for air to circulate, snoring relief oral devices are often the best way to stop snoring.  The lovely people at Snoreeze gave me the oral device to try out to see if my husband could get some sleep!




Review of Snoreeze Oral Device

I must admit to being sceptical about this device.  I just didn’t quite understand how it would work but I now understand that this oral device brings your jaw forward which in turn widens the back of the airway which then allows air to escape without any restrictions.  Voila, snoring stopped!

The device did take a few days to get used to.  When first using the device, you need to follow the instructions on the back as it is what they refer to as a ‘boil and bite’ method.  You heat the device in some water, put in your mouth so it moulds to your teeth, adjust as you need to and then it is ready to use.

My favourite features of the device are that it is adjustable which allows for a more custom fitting.  The boil and bite method also allows the device to mould to your own teeth and jaw again this give a tighter and more comfortable fitting.

It is comfortable to wear, it didn’t cause any jaw discomfort and after a few nights, you forget you are wearing it.  The most important thing for me was that I didn’t disrupt my husband’s sleep.  I must say that I am really impressed with the Snoreeze Oral Device because it works.







How much does the snoring device cost?

Some snoring devices are very expensive but not the Snoreeze Oral Device, you can pick it up directly from Snoreeze for £29.99.  Well worth the price of a peaceful night’s sleep for the whole household!  What are you waiting for – visit the Snoreeze website now to get your device by clicking here.


If you suffer from snoring or indeed your partner does, I would highly recommend you try the Snoreeze oral device now!


Happy dreams!


Elf x




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