This post is also called “little treasures I find to sell on Etsy but find it difficult to part with”.  Autumn (or fall for those further afield) is well and truly underway here in Northern Ireland.  This is a time when I start switching the fairy lights on.  It is also time to light candles.   I wanted to share with you my favourite pieces of jewellery.  While it’s the time to wrap up warm, we can often put the jewellery pieces to one side and stick to scarves.  You don’t have to though.  I hope the following pieces inspire you as much as they have done me.



This is a one of a kind vintage repurposed necklace. It is made from a selection of 1970s leaf brooches and another 1970s flower brooch secured on a cooper colour chain. You will most certainly turn heads with this necklace. I have called it The Fall as my tribute to the season.



A stunningly beautiful vintage brooch / vintage pin from the 1950s. It is gold tone with green coloured crystals. A beautiful large flower design.




Period is 1950s and this is a stunning long vintage multi coloured autumn bead necklace. The beads are just lovely and in oh so many colours to match your outfit!



A stunningly beautiful vintage brooch from the 1950s. It is silver in tone and has citrine coloured crystals. It is shaped with little hearts around the brooch, such lovely filigree work.



Wow a stunning necklace from the 1950s. It is autumn brown in colour with three strands, you can see from the photo the lovely detail of each bead.



What are your favourite go to items of jewellery for fall / autumn?  I’d love to hear.


E x



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Hello Autumn, Hello Woollie Jumpers, Hello Slipper Socks!

So today, 22nd September 2016 is the Autumn Equinox.  This is the official start of autumn when the sun passes directly over the Earth’s equator and creates a day and night that are the same length.


With autumn come the longer nights and shorter days that will eventually lead us in to winter time.  I personally love autumn, I love the colours that mother nature gives us as leaves turn brown and fall from the trees.  There is something so pretty and magical seeing leaves assembling on the ground and walking through them – this is fun at any age!


The air is so crisp and refreshing that I get an intense feeling of wanting to be snug.  So out comes those woolly jumpers, scarves, gloves and slipper socks – perfect!


To celebrate the Autumn Equinox I have pulled together my favourite vintage autumn jewellery finds to share with you.  Let me know what you think.  All items are now in my Etsy shop here.  So if you would like some autumn inspired vintage jewellery that is unique head on over.


Happy autumn.

Elf x