Oh my goodness Epsom Salts is just marvellous!  Why on earth am I only discovering the different uses for it until now?


I had cause to try and find a homemade cure for a foot infection recently and came across Epsom Salts.  In fact when I did a bit more research I found there are many things you can do with it.  I’ve listed below some of the many uses some of which I am doing now.  What also makes Epsom Salts so great is the cost – you can get a large bucket full for less than £10!


Bath Soak:  put a cup of Epsom Salts in your bath water to relieve aches and pains but also to soften your skin.


Hard Skin:  bath your feet in a basin of warm water and cup of Epsom Salts to keep your feet injection free and soften hard skin.


Face Scrub:  a pinch of Epsom Salts and warm water, mix together and hey presto an instant face scrub.


Plants:  you can add a teaspoon of Epsom Salts to your water when re-hydrating your plants – it helps them to grow.


Insect bites/Itchy skin:  add a teaspoon to water – about a cup then let it cool.  Spray it on your skin – I haven’t tried this  yet but it should stop the itchiness.


I’ve used Epsom Salts for most of the above (apart from the insect bites).  I’d love to know if you have used it and what you thought?  Are there any other uses for it?



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Have you run out of shampoo, got to the bottom of your body scrub?  You don’t get paid for a few weeks?  Don’t fret, you can still get that beautiful glowing skin and hair without spending a fortune.  The bargain beauty tips below will help you make the most of your beauty budget by turning your kitchen cupboard ingredients in to must have beauty products!


budget beauty

1. Exfoliator

Body scrubs are a most, especially during the summer.  If you find you have run out don’t worry, head to your cupboards, and mix some sugar and olive oil or sugar and honey to form a paste.  Use as you would with your branded exfoliator.


2. Foundation

If you’re coming to the end of your foundation, mix it with your day cream.  Voila you have your very own tinted moisturiser.


3. Teeth whitener

Running low on your favourite teeth whitener?  Baking soda has you covered. It gently removes stains and discoloration.  Sprinkle a little baking soda in to your hand, wet your toothbrush and then dip in the baking soda.  After brushing rinse thoroughly.


4. Dry Shampoo

One of the wonder products must be dry shampoo.  It’s great for those times you don’t have time to wash your hair.  If you run out, you can still freshen your hair with a light dusting of baby powder – although make sure it is a very light dusting or your hair will turn white!


5. Perfume

Make those last drops of your favourite perfume last longer by adding some to unscented body cream.  You now have a wonderful fragranced body cream to use all over your body.


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6. Face Mask

Your kitchen cupboards come in useful again for your weekly face mask.  Put a few drops of your current cleanser in a bowl, add a dash of honey and a pinch of salt.  The honey will give your skin a healthy glow while the salt helps open your pores to get rid of any excess oil.


7. Make your products last longer

  • Turn shampoo and conditioner bottles upside down to get every last drop out.
  • If you can’t squeeze anymore product out of tubes, cut them open and scoop out.
  • Scoop out the last bits of lipstick and mix with Vaseline to give you a lovely tinted lip moisturiser.
  • Think multi-use products, use lipstick as blusher, blusher as eyeshadow or mascara as eye brow definers.


8. Swap your products

Try swapping out some of your more expensive products.  If you can’t live without Micellar water, opt for an own brand product.  Some luxury mascaras are just crazy prices.  Again, try own branded products or shop online at the likes of Feel Unique or Look Fantastic where you can get branded products with up to 50% off.


Why not see what you can save on your beauty budget by using some of these tips.  Have you got a recommendation for some more beauty bargains?  I’d love to know about them.




budget beauty