When I started my first job, that was the time when blogging didn’t exist and indeed if you wanted to earn extra cash you had to take up going door to door selling Avon.  While that might work for some there are many other ways to earn extra cash these days.  The internet has expanded the opportunities on offer.  The following side hustles are designed to help you make some extra cash and as if that wasn’t enough you can do these jobs from home too!



Side Hustle

Blogging is a great way to start earning extra cash from sponsored posts to free items to review.  Head over to my blog post on 5 Easy Steps to Set up a Blog to find out how you can get set up very quickly.


Online Surveys

side hustle to make money


Another side hustle to make extra money is online surveys.  I have spoken at length before about a fantastic survey site Prolific Academic, survey sites are a great way of making extra money and vouchers, you would be surprised at how easy and quickly you can earn by just answering a few questions.  You could earn as much as £5 for completing questions which could take up to 30 minutes of your time.  It is easy to do in your lunch break!


Survey sites do differ in what they offer in terms of number of questions, time you need to take, types of questions you are asked to complete and the amount of money you are paid.  Below I have listed a further two survey sites which I recommend as a way of making extra cash…


Reward TV UK

RewardTV has been around for approximately 10 years.  You sign up and answer questions about your viewing habits and other likes and dislikes in relation to TV programmes.  It’s a very easy to register and start earning.  Basically you watch TV as you normally do, you then login to their website and answer questions about what you watched.  Answering questions allows you to accumulate points which you save up and then get to spend.


Why not register today and see how much you can accumulate?



This is a great site, where you get to help influence tomorrow’s products!  You complete surveys from the comfort and convenience and get paid for sharing your thoughts.  Membership is totally free and only takes a few minutes to sign up.  Pinecone is very generous in terms of payment – you can earn up to £3 per survey so really worth signing up to now!


Why not register here and start earning now?


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Sell on Etsy

side hustle to make money

Etsy is another great side hustle to make money especially if you are arty and like making crafts.  You could sell these on Etsy as it’s the place for unique, different and handmade products.  I have an Etsy shop myself selling my handmade upcycled jewellery and makes.


Sell your unwanted items

make money

Another great side hustle to make extra cash is to sell your unwanted items on Gumtree or Ebay.  I am forever clearing out and downsizing so it makes sense to sell what I’m no longer using to get some cash back.


Become A Virtual Assistant

side hustle to make money

If you love working from home and you have skills in either social media, marketing, graphic design or writing then you can find opportunity to make extra cash from being a virtual assistant.  I would recommend signing up for People per Hour and see what opportunities there are for you.


I just love side hustles because you can do as much or as little as you want depending on the time you have available.  So which side hustle do you like best?  Whatever one you choose I hope you make money.  Let me know what you think!



Would you like to earn extra cash? These five side hustles will help you do just that from the comfort of your own home. #money #makemoney #finance #sidehustle




While I haven’t been blogging that long at all, on my journey I have made some great decisions, other times I have made some mistakes but above all I have learned a lot in a short space of time.  So below I have pulled together some tips which I believe as a new blogger it is important to consider.  This is by no means a definitive list but just a little guide to get you thinking.


Be Friendly & Make Friends

Blogging can be a lonely at times, especially when you sit in front of your computer or your journal and plan your schedule.  It can also be overwhelming for new bloggers. This is more true when you are just starting out which is why it is important to consider your support networks and all social media platforms to make it easier to network with others on Facebook and Twitter.  A great way of making new friends is to reading and comment on other blogs.  The strength of blogging lies with the wonderful community that has built up over a common interest – invest part of your time in this.


Social Media Linking

Having a blog is just awesome for new bloggers and established bloggers but you also need to link every post you write with other social media platforms to ensure your post gets out there to increase your readership.  So, at the end of each blog post ensure you have activated your social media icons so people can share your article but also make sure you promote it too – it will pay dividends.


Build up your Subscribers

I will be writing a longer post on this over the next few weeks but in the meantime a great tip is to make it easy for your readers to subscribe when a post goes live, there is nothing worse than having to click through many pages to figure out how to subscribe!  Make it easy for your readers – you want them to come back time and time again.


Reply to Comments

When people take time to read your post it is great, when people take time to read your post and comment – that is truly awesome!  Ensure you reply to comments in a timely fashion, it is a great way to make friends, gain new readers and interact with your audience.


Be Yourself

You may think this is a strange thing to say but it is true.  Being yourself means you are offering your readers something unique – your insight in to what you are blogging about.  It also ensures your blog posts have some personality to them, they are being written by a real person!  Above all, be yourself and have fun!


Find Out About SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is extremely important when starting a blog.  Finding out about it will ensure you get the traffic you want and help you get your blog at the top of search rankings.  The best way is probably to visit an SEO Company.  Here you will find out all about SEO and what the company can do for you.



Want to know how to set up a blog in 5 Easy Steps?  Head to my post How to set up a blog in 5 easy steps to find out how.

Looking for sponsored content?  Read 4 Easy Steps to Get Sponsored Content now.


Read how Tailwind has helped me make my Pinterest a Success.



Read my 5 top tips if you are starting out blogging. It can be tough as a new blogger but head over to www.elfeelgoodsvintage.uk to read my top tips.



First let me say that blogging is not my full time job.  I started on this journey as a way of sharing my love of all things vintage to those with similar interests.  I love my vintage finds and sell them in my Etsy store.  Feel free to head over there for a wee look.

And with that said, I continued to expand my blog, I realised that I loved to write about lifestyle and parenting all with a vintage twist!


So you want to start blogging?

Spoiler alert here – you really don’t need to be tech savvy at all to start blogging.  After all blogging has allowed many people to share their ideas, thoughts and views with the world.  With it a whole new world has opened up of possible ways to share tips, ideas and for some ways of making money.

web hosting

Step 1:  Sign up for TSO 

This is the most important part of the steps – which is why I have it as the first step.  At first I was of the opinion that I didn’t want to pay any money for setting the blog up since there are ways of having a blog for free.  However, when I researched it, the best and only option to be fully in control of my content and be able to monitise my blog at a later date was to go the paid route or self hosted as it is referred to.

Having a self hosted blog also allows you to have your own name (e.g. elfeelgoodsvintage.uk), it does look more professional than others and you can also use an array of designs which are free or you can buy a more unique theme.

Again it took me ages to find a host which I had confidence in.  I read a lot of reviews, gave up a few times as the reviews were conflicting, then settled on TSO Host.  I can highly recommend them for several reasons.

Firstly, I was able to purchase my domain name with them for £7.19 for the entire year, secondly their basic hosting package costs me £2.99 per month and their customer service is excellent.

Did I mention before how rubbish I am at technical stuff?  Well, when I purchased my domain name and hosting package with TSO Host I sent them an email saying I wanted my website to be WordPress and could they just do that and send me the login details. Honestly this is just how rubbish I am at the technical stuff but TSO Host were excellent, within an hour they emailed me back my details, I logged in and was able to start customising the WordPress theme!


Step 2:  Decide on your Domain Name

Once you sign up with TSO Host here.  You will want to purchase your domain name.  TSO will let you know if the name you have in mind is available or not.  It can be difficult at first so I suggest you have a few names you are happy with in case one is taken.



How to set up a blog


Step 3: Connect your Domain Name & Hosting

I have already mentioned I am not very tech savvy.  This step is very simple, just email TSO Host customer service and they will do all of it for you and send you the login details.  It really is that simple.  The customer service for TSO Host is second to none.


Step 4:  Choose your WordPress Theme

There are plenty of WordPress Themes to choose from.  Starting out I would suggest looking at the many free options.  However, once you get the hang of things you can opt for a paid theme which will have more features.  You can even get beautiful options on Etsy – have a look at Etsy here.



How to set up a blog in 3 easy steps

Step 5:  Start writing

Now the fun begins.  Remember to write about what you know and what you enjoy.  Your readers will will respond to you.  Let me know how it goes.  Enjoy 🙂


Want to know how to get sponsored posts for your blog?  Head over to my post here.



How you can set up a blog in 5 easy steps. Head over to my blog www.elfeelgoodsvintage.uk to read how.


Why She Inspires Me – Celebrating Female Bloggers – Jenna Farmer

This blog series is me wanting to stand up and celebrate the strength and resilience of wonderful women. Female bloggers who, in my eyes, are quite frankly unstoppable. I wanted to celebrate these women and share with you their blogs in the hope that they inspire you too.


This blog post is about the wonderful and talented Jenna Farmer.  Jenna writes two blogs, one is A Balanced Belly, the other The Bloglancer.  It is through The Bloglancer that I became inspired by Jenna.


For those who don’t blog, it can be extremely difficult when you start out.  Everything is so new and while there are so many wonderful bloggers who will help, Jenna goes above and beyond.  She inspires me because she is so happy and willing to help others by sharing the information she has learnt on her blogging journey.  She wants others to succeed, she wants others to know their value and worth, she wants all bloggers to be taken serious.  She also set up a fantastic Facebook Group on Pitching Motivation to help others and for others to share their tips and successes.  She truly is an inspiration to me and I am sure others would say the same.

Here are some questions I asked Jenna to get to know her a little better.


Why She Inspires Me


What makes you smile?

Time with my two dogs- Bella and Stevie- and getting lovely comments on my blogs. Being recognised as being       helpful is so important to me.


If you could trade lives with one person for an entire day who would it be and why?

Ooh, that’s a good question. A magazine editor? I definitely want to do more freelance writing for magazines so being in the shoes of an editor would help me perfect my pitches!


What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Publishing my first book- Managing IBD- with a publishing company last year.

Why She Inspires Me

If you could give your 16 year old self advice, knowing what you know now, what would it be?

Show people you’re writing! Up until the age of 25, I wrote completely in secret and wouldn’t even take  the creative module at University I wanted to in case anyone laughed at my work! Now, it’s the opposite- I share everything left, right and centre. I often wonder where my career might be if I started then rather than now.


Why She Inspires Me

What drives you to do what you do? What motivates you?

I have always felt that we should have a ‘purpose’ something we’re meant to do. For me, all my jobs and writing link to the idea of helping others. Whether it’s how to write a blog post or dealing with a crohn’s flare. As long as I feel like I am meeting my purpose, I’ll keep going!



Why She Inspires Me



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