As I continue to redecorate our home, I’m having to research window dressings.  I must admit to loving the many different styles of blinds, I can’t believe how versatile they are and the variety of options.  While the main attraction is to block out sunlight and give privacy, I’m convinced they will give me an updated style instantly at a very reasonable price!


At the moment I am totally fed up with curtains.  Instead I have decided to opt for blinds, they seem much easier to clean and I won’t have to pull them down and get them professionally cleaned all the time.


There are such a varied range of blinds out there.  I wanted to share with you some of my favourites which I have no doubt will help me add a dash of style to my home.


Wooden Blinds

One of the most stylish window treatments for me, must be wooden Venetian Blinds which you can find at Ambition Blinds.  They come in a variety of varnishes and stains to match any interior. They are a stunning addition on any window, adding privacy and sophistication to your home.



Vertical Blinds

Did you know that vertical blinds can be traced back to 8th century Japan where vertical window blinds were used in high-end buildings?  What an interesting fact!  Vertical blinds come in an array of colours and styles which are easy to match to the colour of your room.  I find vertical blinds to be graceful on any window.  They also let in natural light without having to give up privacy.  You can find a wonderful selection of vertical blinds here.



Easy Wipe Blinds

Oh, my goodness, who could be without blinds which are easy to clean?  These would be ideal for our bathroom and kitchen.  The fabric on these types of blinds allows for them to be cleaned with warm soapy water, ideal for keeping mould and moisture at bay.  They come in a variety of colours allowing you to harmonise with your current décor.



Made to Measure Roman Blinds

There are many options for blinds, but Roman blinds always seem to stand out.  The fabric is always beautiful and allows for both privacy and light to come in.  The options available for Roman blinds are vast, I just love all the colours available.  I’ve no doubt you will love all the colour options too!




You can find a great range and choice of window blinds from Ambition Blinds.  You can ponder the quality and choice at your leisure at great prices.  Why not let me know what your favourite window blind is?


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