Ah moody teenagers!  But let’s face it, we all get moody at times.  As a parent of a teenager it can become that little bit more difficult in the house with an irritable and moody teenager about.


We may get the feeling that our son or daughter that we used to know has vanished and turned in to a complete stranger.  It can also be a difficult time for you as a parent.  But it is also an extremely difficult time for your teenager.


Below I’ve listed some ways the help you as you manage this period of your child’s life.  I guess the first thing to remember is that your teen’s body is going through a lot of hormonal changes and scientific studies have shown that their brain doesn’t mature fully until they reach their early 20s.  So, these moods are to be expected – you are not alone!


Tip 1: Remain Calm

If this means leaving the room, then do it.  There is no point in starting an argument and saying stuff you will regret later.  Of course, this is extremely difficult, but often if you leave your teenager alone, they often come out of the mood on their own.  Yes, there are times when I want to wade in and shout but after doing this a few times I soon realised it was counter-productive and it was getting me more upset.  My tip then is to back off and let the situation calm down.  If you are finding it hard to communicate with your teenager, have a read at my top tips on communicating here.


Tip 2:  Don’t Show How Frustrated You Are

Again, this is easier said than done.  However, your teenager is going through a lot in terms of moods and hormones so the last thing they need is to see how this is annoying you.  It can often make the situation worse.  I guess what I would say is that it is not personal.  So just be there for your teenager, once they have calmed down ask them for a hug.  That way you are showing them you understand what they are going through and you are not annoyed at them.


Tip 3:  Be There for Your Teenager

Unfortunately, as a parent of a teenager, being there for them is on their level and at a time of their choosing.  That means being ready for them when their mood changes or they want you to listen.  This can be difficult depending on our own mood too but the most important thing to remember is that you are the parent and as a parent we need to be ready to listen to our teenager rather than talking.


Remember that these moods will pass.  Do you have any other tips on how to engage with your moody teen?  Share your thoughts in the comments below, I’d love to hear them.


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Disciplining is difficult as a parent at the best of times.  It becomes even more difficult with teenagers.  Having a balance between instilling independence in your teenager to setting boundaries means as a parent we have a fine line to tread.


Below I’ve listed some ways to help you with discipline for your teenagers.


Stay calm & don’t overreact

In the heat of the moment this is the most difficult thing to do but it’s also important.  If you need to give yourself time to calm down, remove yourself from the situation for as long as you need.  Also, do you need to say anything at all?  For example you may not agree with your teenager’s haircut or fashion so let it be.  Of course talk to your partner but some things are best left alone as saying something can cause more problems.


Be clear & precise

If you have rules make sure your teenager knows about them and they are clear and fair.  This means if your teenager breaks the rule they know exactly what the consequences are.  I would also suggest you make the ground rules together and talk about what is fair and unfair consequences.


Listen first, act second

Don’t go rushing in to a judgement or a punishment without listening to what your teenager has to say.  They may have a valid reason for something but you won’t know until you listen.  Hear what your teenager has to say and then take time to respond in a calm manner.


Appropriate punishment

Be fair with your punishment and let the punishment fit the crime.  Of course it will depend on the seriousness of what they have done but again have in your mind what kind of punishments would be suitable for different situations.


Follow through

I find this is tough, not just for me but for most parents.  Believe in the ground rules you have set and always follow through.  If you don’t then your teenager will start to take advantage.  Consistency is key to this.   Ask for your partner’s help with this.


Don’t forget to praise your teenager

If your teenager has done something good or has consistently kept within the rules, praise them.  This will help your teenager’s self esteem.


I hope these tips will help you with disciplining your teenager.  Remember teenagers will want to do different things from what we want them to.  They will also want to find their own way in the world and will rebel against you.  It’s a normal part of growing up.  Before you do discipline your teenager, remember to ask yourself if the situation warrants it.


Good luck, let me know how you get on.


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Round our dinner table is the perfect opportunity for us to relive what has happened during the day.  It’s where we can discuss our achievements, our dreams and have a laugh.


You can probably gather that the best way to make that connection with your teen is having dinner together. Research has shown that kids who eat dinner together with family members are less likely to be involved in drugs or alcohol or indeed suffer from depression.


Having dinner together on a regular basis is important and I would encourage you to do it and stay connected or help reconnect with your teen.


Here are my top tips to help you get started.

Turn off your TV & Smart Phones

We give so much attention to the TV and our smart phones these days.  It’s important to protect family time together.  So prioritise having dinner together as a family after all the world will still be there after 30 minutes!

It’s not just about the food

You don’t have to knock your pan in to cook the ‘perfect’ meal.  Pick an easy recipe and get everyone to help out.  This is especially important if you’ve been working all day or are exhausted.

Remember to listen

Do you know that your teenager wants to talk to you?  Remember to listen to what your teenager has to say. Don’t offer advice unless you are asked.  I know it is difficult as a parent not to go in to advice mode but it does make for a better relationship if you hold off until asked and just listen.

Make it fun

It doesn’t have to be a serious chat if it isn’t needed.  Take turns to select music or choose dessert.  It really doesn’t matter as long as you chat and spend time together.

Make a plan

Agree on which nights will be family nights to have dinner.  Protect those nights too.  Of course plans can change but make this a priority for all the family and don’t miss this important time.

So do you have family meal times?  I’d love to hear how you stay connected to your teen.




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No messing around today, let’s get straight in to my top tips to help you be an awesome parent to your teen!


Give your teenager a break

Let your teenager establish their own identify by giving them more independence and letting them find out their place in the world.  Give them the space they need to do this.


Stay connected

Keep talking to your teenager.  You could also ask their friends round for pizza.  It’s a great way of getting to know who they are handing out with and you can keep an eye on them while in the house!


Choose your battles

Some things are not worth getting annoyed at such as dying their hair or an untidy room.  As long as your teenager is healthy, happy and safe don’t worry about the small things.


Set ground rules

It’s important to set the rules in advance and discuss them with your teenager.  That way your teenager will accept them more readily and they won’t seem unfair.


Talk about risks

It’s good to talk to your teenager about the reality of life.  It’s important to talk to them about drugs and sex.  It’s all part of parenting and necessary to ensure your teenager can make informed choices.


Check in

While you don’t need to know what your teenager is doing every second of the day, it’s important to know where they are and to check in.  Again discuss this process with your teenager and agree some rules.


Keep communicating

Teenagers often feel interrogated by parents.  Overcome this by telling your teenager about your own day before enquiring about theirs.  If they seem upset but don’t want to talk at that particular moment, tell them if they feel like talking later, you are happy to listen.


Be a good role model

Actions really do speak louder than words so be a good role model for your teenager.

Happy parenting!


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Three more secrets every parent of a teenager should know

There is certainly no rule book for parenting and as a mother of a teenage boy and one who is coming close I would like to think I have some experience of the teenage years.

My previous blog post covered 3 secrets every parent should know covering how teenagers look gown up but they are not, they eat a lot and teenagers are messy.  I wanted to share with you a few more secrets that you should know about teenagers.


Teenagers want to be understood.  There are times when teenagers want to be left alone, they throw out words such as stay out of my business or leave me alone.  While there are times your teenager does need space they do however want their parents to know how they are feeling and what drives them.  Teenagers will continue to challenge you as a parent but remember this is all part of them growing up and finding out who they are.  My advice is to stop and listen to your teenager, be patient and you will learn more about your teenager than you ever thought possible.


Teenagers are under a lot of strain from peer pressure.  There are times when I laugh this off but it is serious for teenagers. Peer pressure is a big thing in their life – from school, from friends.  It is important to steer your teenager through the peer pressure but do it with a bit of sensitivity.  I’ve found involving your teenagers in a club or sport will divert their attention at times.  I would also encourage you to praise your teenager as much as possible which will encourage them to continue to do the action they are being praised for.


Teenagers are night owls and not early birds.  There are times when teenagers won’t go to bed at a reasonable hour and of course you can’t then get them up in the morning.  Did you know there is a biological basis for this?  During the teen years the circadian clock is programmed differently from adults – it is usually about 3 or 4 hours difference.  So don’t worry about this it will pass but as a parent you should be aware that your teenager may be grumpy and sleep deprived so perhaps if they argue with you it has nothing to do with you at all just the mood your teenager is in.


I hope these secrets help you.  What other secrets do you think parents should know about teenagers?  I look forward to hearing from you.


Elf x