My two children, who are now teenagers both wear glasses.  They have done from a very young age.  In fact, my eldest did have to wear a patch during the evenings too.  This may seem a little daunting but recognising early signs of eyesight problems and dealing with them is important for their later vision.


how to keep your children's eyes healthy

While we all lead very busy lives, it’s crucial to be aware of any signs that your child might have a problem with their vision.  For example, I noticed that my son was moving closer and closer to the television, an early warning sign that made me book an appointment with the optometrist.  I was so pleased that I did as the early signs of amblyopia (lazy eye) was detected and treated immediately.  Below I have listed some of my top tips to help you keep your children’s eyes healthy.


Watch Out for warning signs

As mentioned above, moving closer to the television was my early warning sign.  There are others.  For example, your child could be screwing up their eyes to see better or rubbing eyes a lot.  Another sign could be excessive watering of eyes, holding books too close or your child complaining about having headaches.  Need more information?  You can find a wealth of information about your child’s eye health and eye care in the Feel Good Contacts eyecare hub.


keeping children's eyes healthy


Keep up with eye care appointments

If you have spotted a problem, keep up with the regular eye appointments.  It is the perfect time when your children are young to deal with any issues.  I was so pleased when after using the eye patch for several weeks that all was right with my son’s vision.  I guess the earlier we detect a problem the greater the change of fixing it and helping your child’s vision.


Wearing glasses

Now my children are teenagers, they have moved from the children’s section of the glasses to the adults.  When they were young there was a fantastic array of eyewear to choose from.  For the very young the glasses were easy to wear with an elastic towards the back.  We were lucky that ours never took them off.  Experiment and explore the options for glasses.  Indeed, I would also recommend getting prescription sunglasses too.  There is so much choice out there, for example Feel Good Contacts stocks contact lenses, eye health products and designer sunglasses at great prices.  I would recommend heading over to see the choice for yourself.  In fact, they are offering my readers a discount of 10% on a customer’s first order.  Just pop in the code FEELGOODTIME.


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It really isn’t easy for young children to point out if they are having trouble with their vision, which is why it is important as parents to know the tell-tale signs.  If you want further information head over to the Feel Good Contacts eyecare hub and arm yourself with all the knowledge you need including how to protect your children’s eyes from the effects of tablets.



These top tips will help you ensure you can spot the signs of eye problems.

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Only 7.7% of the UK population can speak another language fluently. Second languages are best learnt from early childhood when the brain is already in the process of learning new words and phrases. Here are some tips to get your child speaking another language.

kids learning a second language

Start early


Studies have found that children are more easily able to pick up pockets of grammar simply by hearing them repeated, whilst adults may struggle to learn these grammar rules. You don’t have to wait until they’re in secondary school to start the language learning process – in fact, primary school might be the best time to start learning. The language is likely to be picked up more naturally, just as we pick up English from a young age.


Use language learning resources for children


There are lots of language learning tools out there, but not all of them are suitable for children. Use sticker books and language-learning video game apps and interactive audiobooks. It’s worth reading reviews online before paying for such language tools so that you know your kid is going to want to get involved. There are lots of free language learning sources out there that can also be worth trying out.




Expose them to foreign films, TV and music


Media sources in another language such as foreign films, TV and music can all be used to further help your child pick up another language. These are best used from a young age. Consider playing animated films in another language and foreign music aimed at children that will capture their attention. You can consider also using English subtitles for films and TV shows as an aid.



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Inspire them by travelling abroad


Travelling to another country can help your children to test out their language skills in a practical setting. This could be something as simple as letting them order their meal when the waiter comes to the table. Children will also be able to test their reading skills on signs and menus. It could be a fun family holiday in which you can all get into the swing of speaking another language. For older children and teens, there are other options such as residential trips for schools and foreign exchange programmes. These can be great for allowing your child to learn another language, whilst also giving them a feeling of independence.


Consider hiring a tutor


If you yourself are not fluent in the chosen second language, it could be worth hiring a language tutor to help. They can come round your house for an hour a week and help to teach your child in a fun manner. There are other options that may be available in your area such as language learning clubs for kids. Choose an option that’s kid-friendly so that you know your child is going to be motivated to learn.




As we enter the festive season and rush around the shops trying to buy the ‘perfect’ present.  I urge you to stop for a moment and consider the greatest gift that you can give your son or daughter this Christmas that doesn’t require you to go in to any shop.  Below I have listed some things that you can give your child this Christmas which are the greatest gifts any parent can give.


The Gift of Love & Affection

The first greatest gift is the gift of love and affection.  With two teenage boys I feel it is important to continue to show them affection.  Little acts of giving them hugs, telling them how proud I am of them show them how much I love them.  It also teaches them to be thoughtful too.


gifts for your children


The Gift of Time Together

The second greatest gift is the gift of spending time together.  Christmas and New Year can be frantic in any family.  We often get sweep up in the madness and our quest to have everything perfect.  Quality time with your children whatever age is a must at this time of year.  It’s a signal that you enjoy their company and value the time you spend together.  Honestly time really does fly so I highly recommend spending quality time together.  If you are stuck for ideas, head over to my blog post on fun ways to engage with your teenager to get some tips.



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The Gift of Determination

The greatest gift of determination is a must for all children. Encourage your child, no matter what age.  Challenge them to keep learning and developing.  Learn new skills.  Teach them to keep going when things get tough.  Congrulate them for what they are doing and recognise the effort them put in.  Determination will help your child succeed and develop in to a self assured person.


The Gift of Consideration

The greatest gift of consideration is another important gift for your child. There are times when I am so frustrated with my teenagers.  However, I know this is a difficult time for them.  My approach is to try my best to be considerate towards their feelings.  I also hope that my actions will allow them to be considerate towards others too.  I have no doubt that my actions allow the boys to see that my geniuine acts of consideration are the way to move forward with any relationship.


The Gift of Learning

For me, every day is a learning day!  Teach your children to take advantage of every opportunity.  Let your children make mistakes without being a vocal back seat driver!  They will learn from doing, to learn from their mistakes and to move forward positively.



What other gifts that you don’t purchase would you give your children this Christmas?



As we enter the festive season and rush around the shops trying to buy the ‘perfect’ present.  I urge you to stop for a moment and consider the things you can give your son or daughter this Christmas that doesn’t require you to go in to any shop.

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Being a parent is wonderful but there are times when it can be extremely challenging.  These 7 simple parenting hacks are to help you.  The teenage years can test us to our limits.  I wanted to share some tips which I hope you will find helpful as you weave your way through the teenage years.


Conflict is normal

It can be a shock and hard to accept that conflict with your teenager is normal.  Believe me I deal with it on a regular basis.  But honestly it does have a positive side.  Your teenager is becoming more independent and trying to form their own point of view.  If you need some ways to help you stay connected with your teenager read my blog post here.


Be clear in what you expect

While I completely understand the changes happening to my son, he still needs boundaries.  For example, staying safe online is extremely important.  We have certain boundaries but we also explain why we have them in place.  It is always helpful to be clear in what boundaries you have set for your teenager.


Spend time and listen to what they have to say

Staying connected to your teenager as they grow is extremely important as you will find with their maturing, your relationship may also change.  Keep spending time with them and doing things together.


Respect their point of view

Oh I have to admit this has been the hardest one for me.  Especially when your teenager thinks he knows everything!  I have learned to accept that my son won’t agree with everything that I say.  That as he reads more, listens more and meets new people he will form his own opinions which may be different to mine.  It’s important as a parent to respect their views as you would like them to respect yours!


Give them the space they need

I don’t know about you but there are times I just need a little space and time to myself.  That is exactly the same for your teenager.  Remember, they are going through a lot so respecting their need to have some time to themselves will certainly help with communication.


Be encouraging and give positive feedback

It can be so easy for me to fall in to the trap of being negative to my son and forgetting to praise him.  I try my best to give him positive feedback and encouragement every single day and I also tell him every single day that I love him.  I find this pays dividends by giving him confidence and showing he is loved.


Look after yourself

I find it can be stressful at times being a parent, working and keeping on top of things at home.  So my advice is to look after yourself and remember you are not wonder woman or superman so take some time to yourself!



Head over to 7 top tips for a thriving relationship with your teenager to find out how you can connect more.

Want to learn how to connect more to your teenager?  My connecting to your teenager 101 is here to help.

Want some tips to be a great parent to your teenager?  Head over to my 8 Top Tips to Help you be an awesome parent to your teen to read more.



Some simple parenting hacks to help you parent your teenager. I hope these hints and tips will help you. Head over to to read them in full




This blog series is me wanting to stand up and celebrate the strength and resilience of wonderful women. Female bloggers who, in my eyes, are quite frankly unstoppable. I wanted to celebrate these women and share with you their blogs in the hope that they inspire you too.


This blog post is about Laura from Mum on A Mission.  Laura blogs about her family life with her son William.  William was diagnosed with brain damage at 4 days old.  Laura documents their family life, the happy times, the difficulties, and the daily battles.  What inspires me about Laura is her kind heart, her determination and strength.  Many of us face challenges when we become a parent but Laura even more so.  As a champion for her son and other children with a disability, Laura has campaigned for children with a disability to be afforded the dignity that we often take for granted.  You can read the coverage she has received here.


Below, hopefully you will get to know Laura a little better.



What makes you smile?


Far too many things!  Of course, my son makes me smile every day.  Charlie Hunnam, Starbucks green tea lemonade, tacky reality TV, Comfy jeans, sunshine, chocolate and changing places toilets (crazy that a toilet can make you smile but if you have a disabled child they are pretty essential!)


Mum On A Mission

Laura & William



If you could trade lives with one person for an entire day who would it be and why?


Easy… Charlie Hunnam’s girlfriend… for reasons which I won’t go into but are possibly quite obvious!  On a serious note though if I could have one day as PM I’m sure I could get a lot sorted for disabled people.



What accomplishments are you most proud of?


I am really proud to have persuaded Gatwick airport to purchase a special hoist which allows disabled people to be lifted in a safe and dignified manner when boarding a plane.  Before they purchased the hoist, disabled people were lifted manually which was dangerous and undignified, the airport now have several of these hoists and they are used regularly by disabled passengers.


Why She Inspires Me

William on a toilet floor – this is a photo I hate but I feel it important to share because people just don’t realise that every single day disabled children are being put on toilet floors because they are too big for baby changing units but don’t have any other alternatives. This is why I campaign for changing places toilets which provide an adult sized changing bed and a hoist to safely lift a disabled person.



Inspirational Female Bloggers

Photo of William in the eagle hoist I persuaded Gatwick airport to buy



If you could give your 16-year-old self advice, knowing what you know now, what would it be?


Enjoy your 20’s, don’t eat so much crap and start going to the gym now.  Make the most of life pre-children and see as much of the world as you can.  Also, learn what SEO means and how to do it!



What drives you to do what you do? What motivates you?


My son.  His determination and smile motivate me every day.  He has huge daily struggles which are only made more difficult by the environment around him.  That’s why I try every day to educate, raise awareness and make changes to allow him and other people with disabilities to be able to access the world around them in a safe and dignified manner.


Celebrating Female Bloggers

Me and William with the loose ladies, we were on Loose Women last month talking about The DRM Project which was really great fun but also terrifying. Our appearance did help to raise more money for the project though which is amazing.


Please head over to connect with Laura:









Celebrating Female Bloggers



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