Keeping in touch with your teenager as they grow can be challenging.  However, there are a few tactics which will strengthen your relationship and be fun too!  While some activities you may not be too keen on, it’s better to think of the bigger picture and why you are doing them.  It’s the perfect opportunity to get to know your teenager all over again, what they like and don’t like and your relationship will also be more relaxed.


Go Walking

walking as a way of having fun with your teenager

Walking is good for you and the fresh air is also great.  The leaves are starting to fall from the trees so it’s the best time to go for a walk and kick up some leaves.  My son loves doing this still and it’s the perfect time to have a chat without the constraints of sitting side by side.  This also helps if it’s a topic they feel embarrassed about!


Cooking & Baking

cooking and baking ways to have fun with your teenager

Everyone loves making buns, and even better is eating them!  Get your teenager in the kitchen and cook together.  It also improves communication skills.  Remember it is a fun activity so don’t get too hung up on any mess that is made!


Watch a Movie

watching a movie ways to have fun with your teenager

Let your teenager choose a movie and watch it with them.  It may not be Shakespeare but that’s not the point.  Get your popcorn and be ready for an action packed movie.


Arts & Crafts

arts and crafts ways to connect with your teenager


Making things together is another great way to engage with your teenager.  It can be anything for making Christmas cards or painting and drawing.  You could even taken a course together.


Sometimes it can be difficult engaging with your teenager but if you engage in something fun together connecting will start to improve.  Having fun together most certainly increases that connection.



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Being a parent is wonderful but there are times when it can be extremely challenging.  These 7 simple parenting hacks are to help you.  The teenage years can test us to our limits.  I wanted to share some tips which I hope you will find helpful as you weave your way through the teenage years.


Conflict is normal

It can be a shock and hard to accept that conflict with your teenager is normal.  Believe me I deal with it on a regular basis.  But honestly it does have a positive side.  Your teenager is becoming more independent and trying to form their own point of view.  If you need some ways to help you stay connected with your teenager read my blog post here.


Be clear in what you expect

While I completely understand the changes happening to my son, he still needs boundaries.  For example, staying safe online is extremely important.  We have certain boundaries but we also explain why we have them in place.  It is always helpful to be clear in what boundaries you have set for your teenager.


Spend time and listen to what they have to say

Staying connected to your teenager as they grow is extremely important as you will find with their maturing, your relationship may also change.  Keep spending time with them and doing things together.


Respect their point of view

Oh I have to admit this has been the hardest one for me.  Especially when your teenager thinks he knows everything!  I have learned to accept that my son won’t agree with everything that I say.  That as he reads more, listens more and meets new people he will form his own opinions which may be different to mine.  It’s important as a parent to respect their views as you would like them to respect yours!


Give them the space they need

I don’t know about you but there are times I just need a little space and time to myself.  That is exactly the same for your teenager.  Remember, they are going through a lot so respecting their need to have some time to themselves will certainly help with communication.


Be encouraging and give positive feedback

It can be so easy for me to fall in to the trap of being negative to my son and forgetting to praise him.  I try my best to give him positive feedback and encouragement every single day and I also tell him every single day that I love him.  I find this pays dividends by giving him confidence and showing he is loved.


Look after yourself

I find it can be stressful at times being a parent, working and keeping on top of things at home.  So my advice is to look after yourself and remember you are not wonder woman or superman so take some time to yourself!



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Disciplining is difficult as a parent at the best of times.  It becomes even more difficult with teenagers.  Having a balance between instilling independence in your teenager to setting boundaries means as a parent we have a fine line to tread.


Below I’ve listed some ways to help you with discipline for your teenagers.


Stay calm & don’t overreact

In the heat of the moment this is the most difficult thing to do but it’s also important.  If you need to give yourself time to calm down, remove yourself from the situation for as long as you need.  Also, do you need to say anything at all?  For example you may not agree with your teenager’s haircut or fashion so let it be.  Of course talk to your partner but some things are best left alone as saying something can cause more problems.


Be clear & precise

If you have rules make sure your teenager knows about them and they are clear and fair.  This means if your teenager breaks the rule they know exactly what the consequences are.  I would also suggest you make the ground rules together and talk about what is fair and unfair consequences.


Listen first, act second

Don’t go rushing in to a judgement or a punishment without listening to what your teenager has to say.  They may have a valid reason for something but you won’t know until you listen.  Hear what your teenager has to say and then take time to respond in a calm manner.


Appropriate punishment

Be fair with your punishment and let the punishment fit the crime.  Of course it will depend on the seriousness of what they have done but again have in your mind what kind of punishments would be suitable for different situations.


Follow through

I find this is tough, not just for me but for most parents.  Believe in the ground rules you have set and always follow through.  If you don’t then your teenager will start to take advantage.  Consistency is key to this.   Ask for your partner’s help with this.


Don’t forget to praise your teenager

If your teenager has done something good or has consistently kept within the rules, praise them.  This will help your teenager’s self esteem.


I hope these tips will help you with disciplining your teenager.  Remember teenagers will want to do different things from what we want them to.  They will also want to find their own way in the world and will rebel against you.  It’s a normal part of growing up.  Before you do discipline your teenager, remember to ask yourself if the situation warrants it.


Good luck, let me know how you get on.


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This post is a little bit different.  As a mum to two teenage boys, there are things that I don’t know about.  For me though it’s important that I can help my sons as they grow and become wonderful independent boys.  Shaving is one area where I’m a little lost knowing what to buy them at that age.  So I asked the wonderful people at The BlueBeards Revenge to share with me – and of course you – top tips for teenagers when they are first starting on the journey to shaving.


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How to shave – top tips for those that are new to the shave game

Traditionally, the experts at The Bluebeards Revenge find themselves chatting with men that suffer with thick and stubborn stubble – the type that sprouts from a man’s chops in a day and leaves a shadow darker than the dead of night. But every man has to start somewhere and learning to shave is a rite of passage.

As a result, our experts have put together their top shaving tips for those that are new to the shave game!


Use a face scrub

Before you start to consider shaving creams and razors, you need to make sure the skin is clean. This can often be challenging for youngsters and their pimply faces, but a face scrub or wash will help.

Using a face scrub helps to remove dirt and oil from deep inside the pores, reducing the friction between the face and the razor. For someone that’s new to shaving, this can help to drastically reduce irritation.


Use a shaving cream, not a cheap gel

Learning to shave is an experience that should leave men feeling relaxed and pampered and is not something that can be achieved with cans of shaving slime. Start as you mean to go on by using a rich and luxurious shaving cream that offers a thicker lather than a gel. This will ultimately protect the skin more from the sharp edge of a razor.

Combine a cream with a shaving brush for an exfoliating treatment that will leave the skin feeling incredible, while also raising the hairs away from the face for an easier shave.


Save money on your razor blades

Cartridge razors are expensive, so consider learning to use a double-edge safety razor instead. They’re not as scary as they might look and you’ll save a fortune on blades in the long run. They do require a little more respect than a cartridge razor, but master them and the shave you receive is incomparable.


Shave with the grain

Shaving with the grain means that you follow the natural growth patterns of the hair when shaving with your razor. Failing to do this will likely result in a serious case of razor rash, leaving a man red faced and sore for a number of days.

As a shaving newbie, it’s also worth considering avoiding any more than one pass. The skin will slowly build resilience to razor blades, but until that happens it’s likely to be very sensitive.


Use a post-shave balm to settle the skin

Using a post-shave balm will help to rehydrate and moisturise the skin, as well as offering a further layer of protection from the elements. Look to use products that include soothing ingredients such as aloe vera.



I really hope the above information helps you and your teenager.  For more shaving tips and tricks head over the The Bluebeards Revenge Website where you can also pick up some of the products mentioned above which are ideal for teenagers just starting on the shaving journey.


Have you any other tips to share?  Hit me below.



top shaving tips


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Round our dinner table is the perfect opportunity for us to relive what has happened during the day.  It’s where we can discuss our achievements, our dreams and have a laugh.


You can probably gather that the best way to make that connection with your teen is having dinner together. Research has shown that kids who eat dinner together with family members are less likely to be involved in drugs or alcohol or indeed suffer from depression.


Having dinner together on a regular basis is important and I would encourage you to do it and stay connected or help reconnect with your teen.


Here are my top tips to help you get started.

Turn off your TV & Smart Phones

We give so much attention to the TV and our smart phones these days.  It’s important to protect family time together.  So prioritise having dinner together as a family after all the world will still be there after 30 minutes!

It’s not just about the food

You don’t have to knock your pan in to cook the ‘perfect’ meal.  Pick an easy recipe and get everyone to help out.  This is especially important if you’ve been working all day or are exhausted.

Remember to listen

Do you know that your teenager wants to talk to you?  Remember to listen to what your teenager has to say. Don’t offer advice unless you are asked.  I know it is difficult as a parent not to go in to advice mode but it does make for a better relationship if you hold off until asked and just listen.

Make it fun

It doesn’t have to be a serious chat if it isn’t needed.  Take turns to select music or choose dessert.  It really doesn’t matter as long as you chat and spend time together.

Make a plan

Agree on which nights will be family nights to have dinner.  Protect those nights too.  Of course plans can change but make this a priority for all the family and don’t miss this important time.

So do you have family meal times?  I’d love to hear how you stay connected to your teen.




parenting advice


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