You know that I love all things vintage and the 1950s is my favourite period, well there is one thing that would really have turned me off going back (if I had a time machine that is!) and that’s the smoking.


I recently watched the full box set of Mad Men and I just couldn’t believe the amount of smoking there was during that period.  With one cigarette finished another one was lit.  They smoked everywhere, restaurants, shops, in their homes and in cars even with children there!


Growing up it wasn’t uncommon for my parents to smoke in the house either, I recall one Christmas all sitting round watching Top of the Pops and me sitting on the floor desperately trying to get away from the smoke that was stinging my eyes and goodness knows doing what to my lungs!


I really did want to sit and watch Duran Duran but the volume of smoke had me rushing to the door for fresh air and to relieve my stinging eyes.  I have never been a smoker.


Over the years, I still found it difficult to be around smokers, in fact when I found myself walking past people smoking on the street I would count to three and then hold my breath as I brushed past them until I was clear of the smoke.  I would then get a full breath of fresh air to fill my lungs.  If I didn’t manage to do this, I would feel like I couldn’t breath as the cigarette smoke caught my breath.


When I became a mother, it became a mission to ensure that my son did not have to endure cigarette smoke so I would use different strategies should we come in to contact with anyone who was smoking around us.


What has changed dramatically over the years has been first the smoking ban but secondly vaping.  I did some research myself and found out that cigarettes contain over 4,000 chemicals, 43 of which can cause cancer with another 400 considered to be toxic – so no wonder my eyes would sting as a child!  In comparison vaporisers – like you can see here from Red Vape – have four ingredients – what a difference!


The first time I came in to contact with those vaping was waiting for a bus.  Someone stood beside me and in my usual fashion I was about to move away from them when a waft of vaping smoke moved in my direction.  I was about to hold my breath to get by them when I smelt not the awful smell of cigarettes but a sweet like candy smell of vaping.


It does seem that vaporisers are a healthier alternative to smoking and research has shown have helped thousands of people to quit cigarettes.


For everyone’s health I would love to see all cigarette smokers moving to vaping so that we all – including our children – can go about our business without having to inhale the toxic fumes from cigarettes.  And if you do continue to smoke cigarettes?  I will continue to rush past you holding my breath so I don’t have to smell or inhale the toxic chemicals in your cigarettes.