How To Transform Your Gym Clothes into Work Appropriate Outfits

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Athletic wear is so comfy, it’s tempting to wear it even when you aren’t at the gym. Which is okay when your plans are to watch Netflix on the couch, but less okay when you need to attend a work meeting. But maybe that doesn’t have to be the case. With the right outfit and accessories, you can take your leggings from Pilates to the office. Read on for ideas for merging the workout and work sections of your wardrobe.



Sheath with a Secret


Here’s the thing, a plain pair of workout leggings are essentially a thicker, comfier, footless pair of tights. Slip on a sheath dress and switch out your running shoes for a pair of block-heeled booties, and no one will be the wiser. You’ll be able to give a big presentation to your boss with a secret smile, knowing that you are wearing yoga leggings underneath your tailored dress.


Workout Tank As Workplace Cami


What’s the difference between a workout tank and an office appropriate cami? Turns out, not much. Go straight from barre class to your cubicle with a loose fitted athletic tank in a muted color. Simply slip a cardigan on top and throw a pencil skirt on over your leggings. Add an artistic flair to your look with some turquoise jewelry or a patterned scarf.



Tunic Over Leggings


If you work in an office with a “creative casual” dress code, you can probably get away with wearing your yoga leggings with a dressy tunic. Toss on a long collared tunic over your sports bra and performance leggings, and layer a long chunky cardigan on top. With some dangly earrings and a cool pair of ankle boots, your leggings are transformed from sporty, to creative professional.


Add Some Pizazz with a Print


A boldly printed black and white workout tank can add a fun pop of pattern to your work wardrobe. Create some structure with a tailored blazer and a pair of cropped work trousers. With a pair of pumps and a swipe of red lipstick, you’ll be ready to walk into a board meeting.


Double Duty


Athletic wear has come a long way since terry cloth sweatbands and polyester running shorts. Some of it could pass as street-wear, just made out more breathable, sweat friendly materials. Draped long sleeve work out tunics look just as professional as an ordinary work blouse when paired with tailored trouser. Performance brands are even making dress yoga pants, which are made out of a thicker, sturdier material. Enjoy the stretchy comfort of yoga pants all day at your desk, while fooling your co-workers into thinking you are wearing slacks.


Some companies have even started making workout skirts and dresses. Wear them to the gym for a low impact workout, and dress them up for the office with a pair of tights and stylish blazer.


Wearing your athletic wear to the office will expand your work wardrobe, and save you time as you rush from your early morning soul cycle class to work. An added bonus: performance fabrics are sweat and odor resistant, so if you get nervous at a big presentation, no one will be the wiser. Gym clothes aren’t just for the gym anymore, bask in the stretchy spandex comfort of your leggings all day long in your cubicle.