epsom salts
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Oh my goodness Epsom Salts is just marvellous!  Why on earth am I only discovering the different uses for it until now?


I had cause to try and find a homemade cure for a foot infection recently and came across Epsom Salts.  In fact when I did a bit more research I found there are many things you can do with it.  I’ve listed below some of the many uses some of which I am doing now.  What also makes Epsom Salts so great is the cost – you can get a large bucket full for less than £10!


Bath Soak:  put a cup of Epsom Salts in your bath water to relieve aches and pains but also to soften your skin.


Hard Skin:  bath your feet in a basin of warm water and cup of Epsom Salts to keep your feet injection free and soften hard skin.


Face Scrub:  a pinch of Epsom Salts and warm water, mix together and hey presto an instant face scrub.


Plants:  you can add a teaspoon of Epsom Salts to your water when re-hydrating your plants – it helps them to grow.


Insect bites/Itchy skin:  add a teaspoon to water – about a cup then let it cool.  Spray it on your skin – I haven’t tried this  yet but it should stop the itchiness.


I’ve used Epsom Salts for most of the above (apart from the insect bites).  I’d love to know if you have used it and what you thought?  Are there any other uses for it?



epsom salts


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