A Review: Vintage Wedding Flowers: Bouquets, button holes, table settings

A Review:  Vintage Wedding Flowers: Bouquets, button holes, table settings
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In my quest for all things vintage, I started to look at books that would give me some inspiration as to how to incorporate some of the vintage flowers I have growing in my garden such as Iris, Peony and Roses to name but a few.


I came across a book by Vic Brotherson “Vintage Wedding Flowers: Bouquets, button holes and table settings”.  Vic owns a flower shop in London called Scarlet & Violet, she has been described not only as “The Celebrity Florist” but her shop seems to “take your breath away”.  Just go have a look at her website, it truly is stunning.


While I was hesitate about buying the book since it was about vintage wedding flowers, I decided to give it a go to help me create simple and stylish table dressings in my home. However, it is also a fantastic book to read if you want to add that vintage flower touch to your wedding too. If you are looking for inspiration of wedding colour themes this sight is just for you.


I would highly recommend this book and the above sites.  In terms of the book, the first thing I noticed was the utterly stunning photography used in the book, it really did take my breath away adding a very romantic feel to the arrangements.


Very useful indeed was the step by step instructions to help create all the magnificent arrangements.  Chapters included Classic Flora including all the traditional white and green displays, Romantic Violet which is more about a very magical, otherworldly decoration, Graceful Rose includes very soft and classy arrangements and Crazy Iris which shows more adventurous displays which I haven’t seen before.  Pretty Daisy I have to say is my favourite as it a very fresh and light style which you can use in jugs and vases.


I do believe this book would be of great help to those wanting to design and make their own wedding flowers but it is also about what you can do with flowers in your own home.  It is a book about ideas, it is a book about looking at flowers in a different way, and above all it is a book to keep and treasure that you can look at again and again.

It is the most stunning and inspiring flower arranging book I have seen in some time.  I hope you love it as much as I do whether for weddings or knowing how to arrange your picked garden flowers or indeed how to arrange a bunch of flowers you treat yourself to from the supermarket!


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