Eye on Glamourous Style: Tina Chow

Eye on Glamourous Style: Tina Chow
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While researching for my series Eye on Glamourous Style, I came across Tina Chow.  Tina was an American model, she designed jewellery and was a very influential fashion icon of the 1970s and 1980s.

She modelled for Izzey Miyake, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and was photographed by Andy Warhol.  Unfortunately and very sadly her life was cut short in 1992 by Aids.

After researching Tina and studying her style I have to say how much I just adore it.  She was such a beautiful woman who gave generously to charity and was a devoted activist.  Her modelling career started in the late sixties with Shiseido.  Her style and looks redefined the modelling world at the time with her short haircut when fashion had previously been preoccupied with long blond hair and the American look.

She married Michael Chow an owner of a restaurant chain but they separated in 1989 as she was battling AIDS.  At this point she moved from fashion and modelling to jewellery design.

What I found surprising is that Tina was credited by Karl Lagerfeld as the inventor of minimal chic “Nobody looked better in it than Tina did.” And that Kate Moss has commented that Chow was her style icon.

Tina was a member of the Best Dressed List Hall of Fame and I can see why.  It is sad that she only lived to 41 but you can see for yourself why she deserved to be in that list and why she continues to be a style icon many years after her death.


Tina ChowAndy Warhol picture of Tina Chow

Tina ChowTina modelling her jewellery designs

  Tina Chow


Tina Chow


Tina ChowAnother photo taken of Tina Chow by Andy Warhol

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