Eye on Glamourous Style: Vivienne Westwood

Eye on Glamourous Style: Vivienne Westwood
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Vivienne Westwood has always fascinated me and it was not just that orange hair!  It is the determination and creativity that she used to bring about a whole new fashion era with punk.


Vivienne Westwood


She was born Vivienne Isabel Swire in England on 8th April 1941, she attended grammar school and studied silver-smithing at Harrow School of Art but soon dropped out.  She did try her hand as a primary school teacher but later discovered design and through this met Malcolm McLaren.

Vivienne created clothes with McLaren, gathering inspiration from bikers, fetishists and prostitutes.  This lead to the punk era with the exposure she received from the Sex Pistols wearing her clothes.

One of the fabrics that I admire the most is her use of tartan.  Just look at this tartan dress – it is both modern and vintage simultaneously, wouldn’t you say?


Vivienne Westwood tartan dress


You can see from this wool dress that Vivienne also takes inspiration from the past, this wool dress with its front panel and pulled in waist reminds me of the 1920s, and it certainly is very sophisticated.  So having a vintage style mixed with modern to me is just the perfect choice.


Vivienne Westwood Dress


I have to say that not only do Vivienne’s clothes look like art, she herself looks like a walking work of art, just look at her eccentric style.  She just oozes glamour.  She gives a nod to a vintage past, bringing together vintage style, vintage glamour and vintage inspiration to modern clothing.


Vivienne Westwood style


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