Little Black Book of Fashion Icons’ Secrets

Little Black Book of Fashion Icons’ Secrets
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Guest Post by Elise Morgan.

Women in politics and entertainment have always been intriguing for many different things, but in the first place for their fashion choices. No matter if they’re wearing haute couture or high street fashion, there will always be controversy over their choices. Some of these ladies are true icons millions of women look up to, and here are some of their fashion secrets. Enjoy!


The First Lady’s impeccable style

From Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis to Michelle Obama, the First Ladies of the United States have always epitomised an impeccable fashion style women all over the globe were envious of. We can actually state that before Jackie O, no politicians’ wives were able to detract attention from their famous husbands. Jackie’s simple yet very chic fashion sense swept everyone off their feet, and it can be said that she reshaped those boring conservative clothes by giving them a new life.



Her signature items were sleeveless A-line dresses, printed Hermes scarves wrapped around the head, wide-leg jeans, and pearls. Similarly to Jackie O, Michelle Obama created her own version of dressing with power – mixing high and low designs is definitely her thing! Besides that, she’s a passionate supporter of young, not-so-famous designers whose colourful prints, shoulder and arm-baring gowns, and extraordinary feminine silhouettes have become her signature pieces.


Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world!

If you can recognise the author of this quote, we believe that you’re a shoe lover yourself. Marilyn Monroe, the original blonde bombshell, was actually one of the first ladies who rocked high heels. Her mind-blowing curves were every man’s fantasy back then, and guys still tend to drool over her photos even today – that’s because Marilyn really meant business when it comes to fashion! Besides high heels, some of the most iconic outfits were a white halter-neck dress and a pink satin strapless one matched with glamorous gloves. Similarly to this controversial woman, there is one more lady who appreciates shoes more than anything else. If Sarah Jessica Parker was the first one to cross your mind, you’re right! Her Sex and the City character developed a unique relationship with Manolo Blahnik shoes, which inspired millions of girls to be themselves and follow their personal style no matter what. This lady has shown that shoes can make any outfit pop, which makes them the most fabulous pieces that boost our self confidence and make us feel prettier – both on the inside and on the outside!



The inevitable little black dress

If the LBD Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the first thing that comes to your mind, we understand you! Paired up with oversized sunglasses, this combo really opened doors for other designers and fashion houses that incorporated the little black dress into their well-known collections.




The fact that even Princess Diana wore it often makes it even more irresistible – this lady was a true fashion icon of her time. Remember that fierce, off-the-shoulder black dress by Christina Stambolian she wore just a day after Charles’ announcement of his indiscretions? Well, isn’t that the most gorgeous revenge dress you have ever seen? Of course it is! The truth is that such a piece will never go out of style – it’s a timeless classic that can be worn anywhere and anytime. From haute couture pieces, to those with low price points – it really doesn’t matter, as long as the little black dress is what you’re looking for. You can even catch dresses for sale in order to find amazing deals that offer amazing pieces for a great price – the iconic LBD is just one click away from you!

Even though the fashion industry is constantly on the move, introducing new trends day by day, there are some of them that are actually here to stay – these won’t fade away after a month or two. The key to success is being yourself – all of the aforementioned ladies are known for staying true to themselves and their personal styles. Don’t be afraid to take risks when it comes to fashion – after all, rules are there to be broken, right?


By Elise Morgan

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