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Vintage fashion is very on-trend.  You don’t have to be decked out head to toe in it either.  A few key pieces can add so much to your wardrobe.  The most popular place people go to find vintage clothing is Ebay but more often than not it can be difficult to find something among the poor quality pictures and lack of detailed descriptions.


Going through rails and rails at your local charity shop can also be a bit confusing as you scan items and wonder which decade they are from, so shopping for vintage clothing at an online store can take the hassle and frustration out of your search.


Below I have listed my favourite vintage online shops, you don’t have to trek to these, they also have a fantastic array of clothing which is clearly labelled with measurements included!


So pour yourself a glass of martini, sit back and search until your hearts content.


  1. Peekaboovintage

A place that people often forget about is ASOS Markplace, Peekaboovintage have an array of vintage items, it is the ideal place to go for that 1970’s or 1980’s look.  I just love this 1970’s floral summer dress.

Vintage dress, vintage 1970s dress


  1. Rokit

Rokit stoick a huge selection of vintage clothing that covers almost every era from the 1930s to the 1990s.  I just love being able to decide on a certain period and with the click of a button that particular range comes up.  One of my favourites is their selection of 1950s fashion and this little black dress.

vintage black dress, vintage dress, 1950s dress


  1. Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro claim to have the biggest selection of vintage wear online in the UK.  I have to agree they have a huge selection where you could spend hours searching through their items.  The search facility is good, you select your product and then filter it down to era.  If you click on their era edits section, they will bring up a selection of clothes for you.  Just look at the selection you can get from the Mod look.

mod dress, 1960s dress, vintage dress

  1. Juno Says Hello

A stunning array of cocktail and entertaining wear which have been seen on celebrities.  Top range dresses can be found here including this beautiful 1930s dress.

1930s dress, vintage dress, 1930s cocktail dress



  1. Love Miss Daisy Vintage

A very easy and beautiful website to navigate, Love Miss Daisy Vintage has a vast array of items.  Again the selection is broken down in to era making it easy to select your favourite items.  This 1950s floral day dress is just stunning.

1950s day dress, 1950s vintage dress, vintage dress


  1. My Vintage

    Wow, what can I say about My Vintage? A fab website, plenty of stock and an owner whose love of vintage oozes from the site making it so much easier for you as you browse, not to mention the excellent free personal styling service with Emma!


Do you have a favourite online vintage fashion store?  I just adore visiting all these wonderful vintage fashion boutiques in the comfort of my own home!


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You really need to know about these online vintage fashion stores.  A great place to start to find unique vintage finds to bring your style to the next level.





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