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As you know I love all things vintage.  So you probably know then that I love watching vintage sitcoms such as The Good Life.  I would love to live off the land just like Tom and Barbara.  I love growing my own vegetables but I have to admit I’m not very good at it!  Over the years I have attempted many things with little success.  So this year I have decided to concentrate on two things.  Surely I can’t go wrong?



Salad is a staple for us during the summer.  Buying lettuce from the supermarket is pretty hit or miss.  Often it goes soggy in the bag.  So this year I have decided to grow two types of lettuce leaves.


grow your own lettuce

My idea is to continually sow the seeds throughout the summer.  As you can see here these salad leaves look great after 4 weeks.  Although you can already see those pesky snails eating the bottom leaves!


lettuce leaves

As you can see from the lollo rosso mix above, they just look so delicious.  Doesn’t look like the snails have made their way to these ones yet!


See a full range of salad leaves here.



Apparently onions are virtually maintenance free!  I do know the last time I grew onions they worked!  Either I did something right or they are indeed maintenance free.  I planted these onions in spring time, they should be ready in late summer when the foliage yellows and starts to die.  Hopefully I will be able to lift them up and dry them out.  They should last for a good few months in the garage.

If you are interested in growing onions, you could try here.




As you can see, there are some weeds starting to appear.  That’s a job for tomorrow though!


I’d love to know what you’re growing in your garden?  What vegetables have you found to be the easiest?


Elf x



grow your own

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