Vintage Baking: Carrot Cake

September 14, 2016admin
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Carrot cake is not so much ‘vintage’ as ancient!  It dates back to Medieval times when it was thought to be named carrot pudding.  Although today’s incarnation of carrot cake came about around the 1960s when cream cheese icing appeared.  The earliest print references to frosting a carrot cake were in America around this period.

Before the carrot cake of today, it had previous incarnations such as carrots baked in pastry, or like plum pudding baked in a pan and served with icing.

So since the carrot cake we know today emerged around the vintage sixties, then I have decided to include it in my vintage baking recipes.  If you would like to buy the Old Country Roses vintage tea cup or vintage china used in the photo, head on over to my Etsy store for this and more vintage tea cups as well as vintage jewellery.

What you will need:

250g self-raising flour

400g caster sugar

300ml vegetable oil

2 teaspoons ground cinnamon

4 eggs

350g grated carrots (4 medium sized)

100g chopped walnuts


Cream Cheese Icing

225g cream cheese

110g soft margarine

350g icing sugar

100g chopped walnuts

1 teaspoon vanilla extract



Preheat oven to 180C or Gas 4.

Grease two round cake tins (23cm or above)

Stir flour, cinnamon and sugar together before adding oil and eggs, mix until blended together.

Stir in carrots and nuts.

Divide cake mixture between your two tins.

Bake for 30 – 40 mins until a knife comes out clean.

Allow to cool thoroughly.


To make the icing

Cream butter and cream cheese together.

Add sugar and cream well.

Stir in vanilla.  You can add nuts at this stage or leave to top your cake – your choice.

When cake has cooled use icing for middle and to top the cake.


Sit down with a cuppa and enjoy J


Elf x




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