13 Things Content Marketers Should Know About Email Marketing

March 21, 2019admin
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If there is one piece of advice I would want to pass on to those blogging it’s start an email list.  

There are many ways in which to make money blogging from ads, sponsored content etc but without an email list who can you promote these items to?  

Email marketing is one of THE best and most powerful ways to build your blog, your audience and future customers.  An email list that respects your views, your recommendations and how to help them solve a problem. 

First though, what exactly is email marketing and how can you do it effectively?  This is simple though, if you want to advertise, to showcase your work, your posts or your ebook etc. it is done through email and it is this that is email marketing. 

Focus on email marketing.

Have you ever asked yourself how you get traffic to your blog, how to keep people coming back, how to make money from your blog and how do you grow a following for your blog?  It is email marketing that will help you with all these things. 

I wanted to share with you this great info-graphic from Content Marketers.The things every blogger should know.  Let me know what you think of these in the comments below:

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