3 Ways to Use Data to Build Your Blog

October 22, 2018admin
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Whatever your blog is about, you are writing to encourage others to pay you to publish outreach content. While blogging may not be easily compared to a product-based business, it is essentially about working out the most successful strategy for making the most profit. And this means understanding the data.


The data behind it is the most important way to measure your success and build on it. “Data” might be met with groans but you don’t have to be a geek to get on board. Once you can see your data and start to understand what the analysis is showing you, your blog will suddenly flourish as you act on better advice.


You don’t even have to monitor and analyse your data yourself – a company like Cloudstream Partners can do that for you – but utilizing the results is really important. Every single aspect of your blog can be improved by data analysis. Still don’t believe it? Here are 3 areas you can improve.  



Monitor Your Click Rates

The number of clicks your content gets is the most important factor in selling your services. You need to be able to show clients that you are reaching the right audience in the greatest numbers to attract them. If you are not monitoring your click rates, you don’t have a service to sell.


You can use Google Analytics to track a lot of the information you need for running a successful blog. This will show you where people are arriving from, what they are clicking and where they are going on your site. Hopefully, this information will be enough to indicate what your readers are most interested in, giving you the chance to tailor your content.

Track Your Marketing Efforts

Every business should be using some marketing strategies to bring in new clients and customers but as a blogger, you have two strands to deal with: bringing in a wider readership and bringing in new paying clients.


The only way to know which marketing efforts work best is to track each one. Though you might be tempted to put more into cheaper methods, you shouldn’t dismiss more expensive advertising options. Measuring how much you spend on a particular strategy and comparing it to the amount you earn as a result is the best way to see which strategy is most successful.

Trial New Strategies

Monetising your blog isn’t as simple as you might think but there are lots of options open to you. You might choose to work with a couple of affiliate companies, publishing outreach blogs on your site; you could offer social media promotion as an extra as well as offering the opportunity to write sponsored blog posts.


The importance of data here is to see what works and what doesn’t. You have a limited number of hours in the day and you need to make sure that you are channeling your efforts into the most profitable areas of your blog.


Blogging takes time and dedication and you won’t start making a profit overnight. But once you have the data on your side, you will know just what you need to do to make the next step.

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