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While I haven’t been blogging that long at all, on my journey I have made some great decisions, other times I have made some mistakes but above all I have learned a lot in a short space of time.  So below I have pulled together some tips which I believe as a new blogger it is important to consider.  This is by no means a definitive list but just a little guide to get you thinking.


Be Friendly & Make Friends

Blogging can be a lonely at times, especially when you sit in front of your computer or your journal and plan your schedule.  It can also be overwhelming for new bloggers. This is more true when you are just starting out which is why it is important to consider your support networks and all social media platforms to make it easier to network with others on Facebook and Twitter.  A great way of making new friends is to reading and comment on other blogs.  The strength of blogging lies with the wonderful community that has built up over a common interest – invest part of your time in this.


Social Media Linking

Having a blog is just awesome for new bloggers and established bloggers but you also need to link every post you write with other social media platforms to ensure your post gets out there to increase your readership.  So, at the end of each blog post ensure you have activated your social media icons so people can share your article but also make sure you promote it too – it will pay dividends.


Build up your Subscribers

I will be writing a longer post on this over the next few weeks but in the meantime a great tip is to make it easy for your readers to subscribe when a post goes live, there is nothing worse than having to click through many pages to figure out how to subscribe!  Make it easy for your readers – you want them to come back time and time again.


Reply to Comments

When people take time to read your post it is great, when people take time to read your post and comment – that is truly awesome!  Ensure you reply to comments in a timely fashion, it is a great way to make friends, gain new readers and interact with your audience.


Be Yourself

You may think this is a strange thing to say but it is true.  Being yourself means you are offering your readers something unique – your insight in to what you are blogging about.  It also ensures your blog posts have some personality to them, they are being written by a real person!  Above all, be yourself and have fun!


Find Out About SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is extremely important when starting a blog.  Finding out about it will ensure you get the traffic you want and help you get your blog at the top of search rankings.  The best way is probably to visit an SEO Company.  Here you will find out all about SEO and what the company can do for you.



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