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Do you sometimes come up against writer’s blog?  Being a blogger can be tough and coming up with new ideas for blog posts day in and day out can be a challenge at times.  Below I’ve listed five top tips to help you with blog post ideas.  I hope they help get your ideas following.  I’d love to know what you think of them, just comment below.


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1. My first top tip to help you with blog post ideas is to do something strenuous

May seem a weird thing to do, but you need to focus on something entirely different for a bit.  How about a jog?  Go do a work out at the gym, in your garage or just get up and jump about!  You could even try hitting a punching bag for a bit.  There is logic to this madness honestly! By doing something strenuous it gets oxygen pumping into your brain, making you feel good and above all it gives you the break from blogging that you need.  Shifting your focus to something else entirely also helps you have a mind set change.



2. Another tip to help you with blog post ideas is to do something relaxing

Another top tip to help you with blog post ideas is the opposite of the above.  Try something relaxing.  Go for a leisurely stroll, run a lovely relaxing bubble bath, make yourself a lovely cup of coffee and sit and relax and unwind.  Whatever you enjoy doing to relax, just do it.  You could even try a power nap!  This will help de-stress you and you come back ready to start afresh.


blog post ideas

3. Next tip to help you with blog post ideas is to read other blogs

I often get inspired reading other blogs.  It’s great to see other content and it’s a great way to help you come up with new ideas too. It’s also helpful to read through the comments on the blog posts as often people will ask questions which could also help you come up with a blog post idea.


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4. Just start ranting is another tip to help you with blog post ideas

If you start writing about something that is downright annoying you and come up with solutions to the problem, hey presto you have a helpful tips blog post!  You can always come back to the rant post by saving it in your drafts or it could also spark other ideas for a series of posts.  What is important here is to just start writing, once you do that it will flow!


5. Final tip to help you with blog post ideas is to browse related forums

There are plenty of blogging forums and Facebook groups out there.  Have a read through them, see what others are working on.  Ask questions, run some ideas past other bloggers.  Forums are a great way to get a sense of what is popular at the moment.


These are just five top tips to help you with your blog post ideas.  If you are still unsure or are stuck, head over to my blog post which gives you 20 blog post ideas to get you started.  Any time you have trouble coming up with a blog post idea, just head back to this article to revisit the five tactics above.  Also try and come up with your own tactics and see how thing go.  After all, if you don’t give them a go, you will never know if they help you with your writer’s block!





Need help with blog post ideas? These top tips will help you when you are stuck with writer's blog. #blogging

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