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September 10, 2018admin
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Building and publishing your own website is a nerve wracking thing to do. You’ve got a lot of variables involved as to when and where you should make it go live, and you’ve got a lot of internet to combat to make sure people see that you’ve got something new and fun for them to look into. But this isn’t done overnight, and there’s a lot of time and effort you’ve put in that you’re going to want to make sure pays off.


If you’re someone who’s been in the blogging game for a long time, you know the importance of keeping people engaged. Anyone who views or reads your blogs needs an incentive to stay, and simply asking them to stick around usually works out ineffective… So you need to create excitement, you need to stack up engagement, and most importantly, you need to create some hype. So here’s a few tips on how to do just that if you’re got a website just waiting to be launched.



Your website can have an amazing launch, as long as you know where to promote it. 


Head to Social Networks First


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc. are all amazing places to tell people about your website launch. It’s where people head on a daily basis, to check newsfeeds and retweets and the groups they’re a part of. If you can get your promotion onto any one of these timelines, you’re going to increase your exposure by a couple of hundred people each time at least.


Linking to Pinterest is also a great way to generate back and forth links, seeing as you can easily give the people there snapshots of what your site looks like and what kind of content or products you’ll be displaying. They’ll add these stories and images to their boards and await your arrival with bated breath.


Make Sure You Comply with the Law


You might just notice that when you put your privacy policy or terms and conditions on the homepage, or as a buffer people have to click through, you get ranked higher on search engines. Google loves to know you’re working with them, and when Jumio handles regulatory compliance matters, you can see there’s plenty of services that’ll help you get the kickstart you need. All in all, you’ll be able to make your website legitimate from the get go, and that’s what internet portals love to see.


Not only that, but if you give your new website a landing page to go through before people can click to see what your site looks like, you’re going to create a sense of tension and mystery. And the internet loves that more than anything else! They’ll keep coming back to watch the countdown until you go live.


Maybe you want to move out of the blogging sphere and into the business one. Maybe you need a fresh start to collect all your portfolio together. Either way, be sure to hype up your website launch properly.  

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