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Use bloggers are often found behind our screens.  Typing away on a key board.  However, there are times when writing by hand is the only way to go!  There are several reasons why I love stationery and what better time to highlight some fantastic items but on the run up to World Stationery Day.

World Stationery Day is on 26th April this year.  It’s a celebration of the written word and all things stationery.  You know those fantastic products that all us bloggers to schedule our content, to write down our inspiring ideas and to make notes when the laptop dies on us!

There is nothing  more statisfying than starting a new notebook and filling it with ideas, dreams and aspirations.  So let’s celebrate World Stationery Day with some fanstastic items that will help you get your blog organised right now!





world stationery day



When it comes to notebooks there is something rather satisfying as a blogger to start a new one!  Those clean pages just waiting to be filled with ideas and ways to improve your blog.  All the different ways you are going to implement strategies or improve your life.  This little one from Hema is an ideal example.  It’s just waiting to be filled with all your ideas in your own handwriting.


notebooks for bloggers

This stunningly beautiful notebook is from The Gifted Notebook collection.  I have been using this one for a few days and it is stunningly beautiful.  Can’t tell you how many times people have commented on what a lovely notebook it is.  It comes with a pencil too which is very handy if like me you keep losing pens!


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When  you start writing on that notebook and are presented with a blank piece of paper I often love to underline key words or use coloured pens to remind me of some of the more important things I need to do.  That’s where these gorgeous metallic pens come in.  It’s a beautiful feeling highlighting words on a page with stunning colours, it’s almost like a work of art in itself.  You can get yours here from Crafter’s Companion if you’d like to add some sparkle to your notebooks.





filofax notebooks

When it comes to planning and scheduling blogging posts there is none other than the well known brand Filofax that can help you take it to the next level.  I absolutely adore their new innovative notebooks that allow you to add, remove or change pages as many times as you like.  This is so beneficial especially when some of us change our minds a lot!  I also adore their new colour range.  From pale pinks, to stunning purple and light pastel shades.  Who wouldn’t want these Filofax notebooks on their desk?




blog planner

Image courtesy of I’m Karen Avila

Another favourite of mine are blog planners.  The stunningly designed ones from those wonderful creators on Etsy.  For example there is an array of blog planners to choose from here to be honest I think I have purchased all of them one time or another.  I find them extremely useful when I’m brainstorming content but also when I need to schedule Pinterest and my social media tasks.  I love starting a new blog planner.


Us bloggers often have many roles besides bloggers.  There is something very comforting and reinforcing when we write lists, ideas and aspirations on a page.  Those little stationery items hold our ideas, thoughts and feelings which are recorded for all time.  Writing by hand is a thoughtful process.


So I urge you to spend less time on our devices and sit down with a notebook and start writing – it’s such a cathartic process to write in a beautiful notebook.  Plan, dream and allow yourself to remember.  I truly believe stationery can change your life.





World Stationery Day is on 26th April this year.  It's a celebration of the written word and all things stationery.  You know those fantastic products that all us bloggers to schedule our content, to write down our inspiring ideas and to make notes when the laptop dies on us!

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