The Setbacks Of Blog Layout Presets

September 16, 2019admin
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Whether you’re on Blogger, WordPress, or any other site, the chances are that there’s a whole host of pre-prepared page layouts for you to choose from. When we first start, many of us view these as lifesavers. Without any HTML knowledge or effort, they could see you starting your site and posting within less than a day.


The trouble is that when it comes to blogging for business, preset layouts aren’t the best idea. In fact, this bad habit could soon cost you the success you need to make a go of this, and here’s why.


They aren’t tailored to your needs


Presets are generic layouts designed to fit as many blogs as possible. These basic layouts might be fine for a few simple blogging subsections, but they probably won’t account for things like a blog shop or anything else you might want to do to take your business to the next level. By comparison, a website design that’s uniquely tailored to you either by yourself or a digital marketing agency is guaranteed to serve your needs better. This way, you can account for everything you need from your design to make sure that the sky really is your blogging limit. You certainly won’t need to worry about squeezing a page where it won’t fit or going without for practicality purposes.


Presets can look unprofessional


On top platforms like Blogger and WordPress, presets can be pretty recognisable to users. As such, anyone who’s spent time on these sites is sure to spot a preset from a mile away. From a business standpoint, this can look pretty darn unprofessional. Much like companies who use stock photographs, this sets you apart as having put limited effort into your business. And, who would rightly trust their money or time with someone who can’t be bothered to put any money or time into this site themselves? Presets can be such an issue from this standpoint that you may even find yourself with a high bounce rate just from installing a layout like this. Make sure that doesn’t happen by personalising your page to prove how much you care about what you’re doing here.


There’s no room for knowledge 


HTML is one of those blogging tips and tricks that you pick up along the way, and it can take your business efforts here a whole lot further. Learning the basics can see you creating more search-friendly content, as well as improving your blog appearance on the whole. Sadly, you won’t learn any of that stuff if you select a ready-coded layout. Instead, you’ll be stuck understanding the most basic of blog uses. By comparison, designing a layout yourself or working with an agency through the process can teach you a great deal. And, that knowledge could guarantee you much more success for your efforts.


Presets are always tempting, especially when you first start your blogging business. Before you select that recognisable page layout, though, think about what it could cost you in the long run.


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