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With social media often comes all kinds of people from the ones who would go out of their way to help you, those who support you and those who are there for you when you are feeling low.  Conversely, there are those who are down right rude, agressive and have nothing nice to say about anything!


So what do you do if people leave negative comments for you on social media or your blog?  I have to admit to having a few.  I immediately block them but of course I’ve read the comment and there is no going back to un-reading!  After reading a few negative comments recently relating to others I thought it would be a good idea to note down some tips to help you deal with those who leave negative or hurtful comments.



TIP 1:

Those who leave negative comments are looking for an argument so the first tip is to avoid giving them what they up and don’t get in to an argument.  While you may feel like you want to scream and shout with your keyboard, remain calm and take a break from your computer.  Of course you have every right to defend something that isn’t true however the other person won’t give too hoots whether they told a lie or not.  Don’t give them that kind of power over you so walk away.



TIP 2:

If you are annoyed by a comment, then talk to your friends.  It’s always good to talk.  You can vent but you can also get advice from someone who is removed from the situation.  This is another way to give yourself some space from taking action you may regret later and help you distance yourself from the situation.  Deep breath are also a good way of remaining calm.


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TIP 3:

Try and remain positive and empathetic.  I know this is a hard one.  However, you don’t know what has made the other person make that comment.  I can remember sending a really snotty email to someone once.  It was totally uncalled for and I apologised afterwards.  I had had a really bad day hence  my email but that did not make it right for me to send it in the first place!  You can also combat negativity with positive thoughts and actions.  It will help you remain calm and not stoop to their level.



Tip 4:

Move on.  This can also be hard as negative comments can swirl around your head for hours or even days.  Take control by acknowleding the comment, how much it hurt, talking about it but don’t dwell.  Of course it will hurt but don’t let a comment prevent you from doing other wonderful things.  Acknowledge and move on.




It may take some time to learn now to deal with negative comments but the above tips should help you.  Unfortunately unhelpful and negative comments often come with being part of the blogging world and social media.  I do hope the above tips give you some tools to become stronger in dealing with negativity.  Below are some suggestions from other bloggers to help you too.




Lynn from Mrs Mummy Penny says “A nasty comment is most likely a reflection of something that the commenter is going through. My advice is to drift over the comment try not to read it, delete and move on. Never engage with them.”


Laurie from Girl and Tonic says “I try not to engage, I’ll ignore the comments where I can. If a post gets overwhelmingly negative you can turn comments off. I then like to remember why I post on social media in the first place and engage with some of my favourite accounts. 


Katie from Cakes v Scales says “Firstly, consider if the comment is it hurtful or constructive critique, then consider if there’s a possibility the writer’s intention is not to be hurtful. If the comment is someone just being plain rude/nasty, remember that there are many people who love and enjoy your work. As the saying goes, you could be the ripest, most juicy peach in the world, but some people don’t like peaches.”


Jennifer from My Mummys Pennies suggests “Try to find the positive in every comment. Someone said something mean? Well at least your post is reaching them and was interesting enough to get them to take time to read it and react. Ignore the hurtful words but see the comment for what it is, valuable interaction with your content. On many social channels this will help your post reach others!” 


Louise from Mum of Boys shares “My main platform is Facebook – and the fact you can ‘hide’ comments is useful, because it means the controversial post doesn’t turn into a stream of comments or an argument, but yet the original poster has no idea it is hidden. However if it’s very nasty / personal, I simply delete and block. Trolls want you to engage with them, so doing this every time and they’ll soon get bored. Of course there’s been the occasion when I’ve bitten back as I’m human, but I learnt from those experiences and now just press delete. I totally agree that it’s a much bigger reflection on them and their state of mind than on me and mine.”




Struggling with those unhelpful or nasty comments on your blog or social media?  Read these tips to help you cope head over to my blog to read more.

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