How to Use Your Niche to Boost Your Blog’s Visibility

September 20, 2018admin
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There more than 1.8 billion websites out there on the great wide web. 644 million of those are active, and far fewer are popular. Making your mark when there is so much competition can be tough, but simply be active, posting often, and engaging with your community can help you build your own readership and start to make a career out of your blog in no time.


To reach this success faster, cater to a niche. The more specific your niche, the more likely you will be able to create a community of your own. Yes, you might not get thousands or even tens of thousands of hits a day, but by catering to a niche, you can gain more than just page hits. Some writers are supported through patron accounts to help encourage them to continue writing about a topic that very few people contribute to. That is the power of the internet and its global community, and that’s where your strength will lie. By combining your niche with these great methods, you can boost your visibility and become a success faster than you know it:


Join the Community and Be Active Within It

Once you know your niche, it is time to get involved with it. Engage with users in that niche online, build real friendships online, and contribute to that community through content creation. The more active you are, the more you will become a leader in that community. By being a leader, you will be read, watched, and followed by a very invested group of people. It doesn’t matter if this is only a few hundred. A few hundred engaged people are more worthwhile than a lot of followers who don’t do anything.


Collaborate with Other Influencers in Your Niche

Influencers can be someone with a few thousand or a few hundred thousand followers. The main goal is to choose influencers who have highly engaged followers themselves. Ghost followers and ghost likes attribute nothing, so choosing the right influencer is key. To start, this might just be your friend who has their own blog.


Focus on Niche-SEO to Boost Search Engine Visibility

Just as local SEO provides much faster results than generic SEO, so too can you use your niche to gain a leg up on search engine results. The key to any successful SEO campaign is to first optimise your website, build up great content, and then work on improving your off-site image. Use a digital search agency to help you choose the right keywords, link build, devise a PPC marketing plan, and more. With your speciality, you will be able to rank well in your niche.


Niches are how you can separate yourself from the pack. By catering to a niche, you can gain a bigger community faster. You aren’t, after all, competing with the big companies that have the resources to cater to every single topic in a select industry. Build up a real community, and you can achieve your goals and become a success.

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