• Benefits you get from Workouts and Dieting Supplements

    January 28, 2019 admin

    The are two categories of weight loss pills: Medical drug and nutritional supplements. Nutritional supplements are regarded as safe if they are taken by people with top notch health and as directed. Medical drugs have negative side effects and should be taken only when prescribed by a physician. The fact that a product is in the form of a pill (or capsule) does not make it either good, strong or weak. It’s a must to read a product’s label and…

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  • My North Face Wish List from Simply Hike

    November 16, 2018 admin

    I am a keen walker.  In April this year I decided I would take up walking as a means of improving my health.  I thought walking would be ideal as it fits in with my every day life.  Walking has really improved my health both mental and physical.  Walking is one of the best things you can do to achieve the weight you want, maintain your weight, go from aches and pains to feeling great, helping with stress or anxiety, keep…

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  • How to Create Active and Healthy Workplaces

    October 29, 2018 admin

    Having a workplace that encourages wellbeing and healthier lifestyles is becoming a bigger priority for employers. The link between employee well-being and productivity levels is evident more than ever, making an investment into it well worthwhile. Of course, most employers want to be able to create an environment that employees enjoy working in but knowing that it can boost business is an added incentive!   There are lots of ways to improve employee well-being by providing online support services to…

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  • Lessons from the most influential speakers in history

    October 9, 2018 admin

    Speaking in public can be a terrifying experience.  That is why thinking of how to get your message across and how to do it effectively and to be prepared can help you.  However, why not reinvent the wheel and kick start an amazing speech by learning from the most influential speakers in history.  You might not be looking to start a revolution, or to change the world, but persuasion skills and clear speech are universally useful. Alongside Wyboston Lakes, who…

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  • From Bean to Cup – the journey of your morning coffee!

    September 25, 2018 admin

    It is the morning coffee that gets me ready for the day ahead.  It is the coffee that perks me up when I hit a low during the afternoon at work.  It is the coffee and cake that often makes me feel great when I need a wee treat.  Although for me, I often opt for Fair Trade and I’m pleased to report that many coffee chains are also doing their bit by using Fair Trade coffee.   Have you…

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