• Cozy fashion clothing looks you need in your wardrobe this Autumn

    September 28, 2018 admin

    Autumn is my favourite season.  I love the coolness, I love the darker evenings, I love lighting the fire and above all I love the coziness I get from my autumn wardrobe!  Even though the temperature is dropping you really don’t need to compromise on style even if you do need to wear several layers! Below I have listed my favourite cozy fashion clothing looks you really do need in your wardrobe this autumn. So, check these out and let…

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  • Refining Your Entire Aesthetic – How To Feel More Confident

    September 17, 2018 admin

    Feeling more confident is not a science. It is an art. It takes practice, care and determination. In order to feel your best self, you need to keep yourself updated, and connected with your confidence in the present moment. A competent method many people often use is to refine an aesthetic they choose to embody, only from time to time. There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy this too. There’s no reason as to why you can’t feel your most…

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  • Recreate the most memorable celebrity dresses right from the high street

    August 28, 2018 admin

    What is so amazing about fashion is that one minute you see it on a celebrity and the next you can purchase the look on the high street.  It has always amazed me how quickly fashion is able to bring us these wonderful pieces from the red carpet to the silver screen, celebrity women all across the world have showcased their style with a selection of truly stunning women’s dresses— but which of these are the most memorable to you? …

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    July 24, 2018 admin

    There are times when I just want to wear denim to work.  Although having presentation and meetings isn’t normally the place to wear denim.  Of course if you have casual Friday then that’s ok. If you would like to wear denim to work then I have a few tips for you.  These tips are for wearing denim and still look professional.   Try a darker shade of jeans Wearing a darker shade of jeans will provide you with a more…

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    July 11, 2018 admin

    I don’t know about you but with this wonderful weather in Northern Ireland I can sometimes feel like a sweaty disaster!  Thought I would share with you 12 fashion hacks to keep you cool this summer.  They are things that I’m doing.  Although when I do my 45 minute walk, I can look a little scary!  I hope these fashion hacks will help keeo you cool this summer.     1. Wear loose clothing:  There is nothing worse that being…

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